Large Posters

Large format printing over 13″ x 19″

Thank you for your interest in such a large order. Please contact us directly for pricing on this product.

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Large Posters

Large Format Printing Allows Custom Poster Sizes

Our large posters are ones that cannot be printed on standard cut digital printing paper due to its size; in other words, any large format printing on paper with a custom size larger than 12.75″ x 18.75″.

You are able to enter any size for large posters, in fractions of an inch, up to 50″ wide and any length. Super large format printing of 4.5 feet by 10 feet is conceivable and possible.

How to enter fractions of an inch into your poster print order

Because you can order any custom poster print size, it is important to enter your numbers correctly. This can be done by converting the fraction of an inch from your tape measure to a decimal point.

This is done by dividing the top number into the bottom. For example, if you want to print a width of 27 5/8″, enter 5 ÷ 8 into your calculator and get .625. Then enter 27.625 in the order form for the width of your poster printing product.

Pricing for large posters

Whereas with bulk posters the price is for each sheet of paper, with poster printing and other large format printing, pricing is by the square foot.

The quantity discount is also calculated by the square foot, so one very large poster may be the same price per square foot as the total area of lots of smaller ones.

CMYK Colour

Custom large format posters are printed in CMYK colour. Artwork submitted in RGB format are converted to a printable format. This will happen in one of two ways:

  1. if you submit a .png file that the machine cannot read, it will be converted to .pdf to send to print
  2. the rip software will translate the RGB colour to CMYK and send colour detail to the machine.

Either way, if your artwork is not saved as a CMYK file, you may notice slight differences in some tones.

If you are concerned, please request a sample proof to be viewed in the print shop.

Large format printing paper stock

Large format posters are printed in full colour with eco-solvent inks on high quality, matte surfaced poster paper. In other words, your custom posters are easy on the environment and recyclable.

Paper thickness

Large posters printed on 7 mil paper have a quality feel. A “mil” is 1/1000 of an inch, basically the thickness of a heavy text stock.

The thickness of the paper makes the poster strong, and the smooth finish and quality inks are scratch resistant.

Big posters require large artwork

High resolution or vector artwork is required for a file to be enlarged. Even then, enlargement more than 600% is significant and will result in a loss of quality in many files.

Please check your file properties before submitting.

Advertising with large poster prints

Larger posters are ideal temporary signs, advertisements, or event announcements. Because they are printed on paper, poster messages are perfect for indoor use.

You can post these lightweight posters with any double sided adhesive, or place them in snap frames designed just for that. Contact us if you want to know more about the frames.

Large format posters are a great way to display your personal artwork and photography.  Panoramic photos taken with your cell phone turn our surprisingly well.

Poster Calendar

For large printed advertising that will be viewed all year, consider printing a poster calendar.

A simple full year calendar view printed on an attractive poster with your company information on the bottom will stay on the wall all year long.

High gloss, water resistant poster

Alternatively, large format posters can be printed on self adhesive vinyl.  While it is essentially a big sticker, the vinyl can give your poster a high gloss or matte water resistant surface.

Mounted poster printing

For a free standing poster that can be placed on an easel, we print posters on self adhesive vinyl and mount them on foamcore. The result is beautiful and ideal for your next presentations or trade shows.


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