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Rack Cards

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  • 4″ x 9″ or 3.5″ x 8.5″ full colour card stock promotional rack cards, single or double sided.


Full Color Custom Rack Cards

Rack Card Dimensions

We offer two full color custom rack card paper sizes and printing on quality matte or gloss cardstock.

Larger 4″ x 9″ Standard Rack Cards

Our standard rack card dimensions are 4 inches by 9 inches. That is equivalent to 10.16 cm x 22.86 cm.

4 x 9 custom rack cards command attention and lend a feel of elegance to the printed content.

Because of their classy size and appearance, 4 x 9 custom rack cards are ideal for drink menus, appetizer menus, or for service menus in spas or nail salons.

Smaller Strategically Sized 3.5″ x 8.5″ Custom Rack Card Printing

Our other dimension for custom rack cards is 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches. That is equivalent to 8.89 cm by 21.59 cm.

3.5″ x 2″Perforated Tear Away Cards

Add a 2″ perforation to create standard business cards at the bottom of your card. The card can serve several purposes:

Business cards: Save money by printing your business card and marketing ad on one paper. Introduce your products and services on your rack cards, and yourself with the business card.

Loyalty cards: Introduce your loyalty program on the rack card, and provide your punch or stamp card as the tear away portion.

Coupons: Explain the benefit of participation on the rack card, then provide a product code or in-store coupon on the tear card.

Referral Code: Help your loyal customers to refer your business to their friends. Provide a rack card with details about your product or service, then a tear off card to be can redeemed for a free reward.

Paper Stocks

Custom rack card printing paper quality cardstock is white, before printing. They come in matte stocks or paper with a gloss coating.

Our high quality selection of gloss and matte cardstock paper comes in 14 point or 16 point thickness.

Our specialty paper is a 100lb, 14 point, 100% recycled premium matte stock. It is Canadian made.

What are Rack Cards Used For?

Visual Marketing Promotion

Rack cards with full color printing are common in places that enjoy significant foot traffic. They are often in hotel lobbies, restaurants, ferries, trade shows, and as counter advertising at a business.

Custom rack cards compete for attention on the rack, so use color, eye-catching images, and appealing text to grab the attention of customers passing by.  Rack cards in landscape orientation are ideal for panoramic scenes.

Rack Cards and Brochures Distribution Agency – One Way to Spread the Word

Certified Folder Display specializes in distributing rack cards and brochures. They can get your rack cards, postcards, or brochures out to the cards rack at some great locations.

Can Rack Cards be Mailed?

Yes, paper rack cards can be sent out in bulk or addressed mail. The address can be printed directly on the card with variable data printing. Contact us for details.

Conveniently, they fit inside #10 business envelopes .

Custom Temporary Drink or Spa Menus

You can find full color premium drink menu cards on tables in fine restaurants serving as drink and appetizer menus.

Rack card menus can be used for cocktails, wine lists, or appetizers. In the spa, they may have a price list for nail, skin, or hair removal treatments.

These custom rack cards are inexpensive to print and our rack card turnaround time is exceptionally fast, so short run menus can be custom prepared for temporary promotions.

How Do You Make a Good Rack Card?

Make a lasting impression with your own rack card design. Use the latest style of layout and typography and a sleek layout to make your rack cards appealing.

Customize your design with fonts that are large enough and easy to read. If you select a script font for your drink menu, avoid using all capitol letters as these fonts are not designed for that.

Use Attractive Images for Artwork

Premium rack cards are meant to appeal to foot traffic. Their job is to catch the attention of someone passing by, so the message should be simple and powerful.

A custom photo rack card will do just that. Use bright colors and interesting images in your rack card design.

Online rack card design templates can help you with the color and placement of your text and images. Paid or even free template sites for rack cards are a great value and most have the highest quality standards.

Keep Content Simple and Clear

Make sure to include all important information on your rack cards. Primarily, your rack card should contain your company name and contact information. Write information that is easy to understand.

It can be helpful to include a map that clearly shows your location for visitors. Your business hours are also important.

Include a Call to Action

At least one side of your custom printed rack cards should have a call to action. Encourage the reader to do something in response to reading your rack cards. For example, to “act now and save 10%” or “visit soon”. Customize the call to your business goals.

Create a sense of urgency. Say that supplies are limited or offer free delivery if the order happens before a certain date or exceeds a certain price.

Print a QR code on one side of your rack cards to drive traffic to your business website.

The Final Step: Print-ready Artwork

Download or save your artwork as a pdf file for printing. You should have no issue with file size.

Most templates include proper bleeds, so the background extends beyond the cut, and resolution. This artwork is ready to print.

We don’t demand perfection in the rack card printing process. Our “just do it” option fixes small issues for free.