Our rack cards are 4″ x 9″ cover stock prints. They get their name from the display racks in which they are commonly found. Because the card is stiff, they stand up much better than flyers, without falling or bending over. Consequently, they are ideal for displays in tourist locations and restaurants. They are often found alongside trifold brochures, but do not typically contain as much information or detail.

Drink and Appetizer Menus

Rack cards have another very important use. You can find them on tables in fine restaurants serving as drink and appetizer menus. The 9″ height works well for a list of products, and restaurants can easily leave them on the table to entice customers to order. The cards have a clean, classy look, and they are well as well suited for this purpose as for advertising a local landmark. In addition, because they are inexpensive to print, a rack card turned menu can be custom prepared to show temporary specials.

rack card used as drink menu
Card stock drink menu
Design Considerations

Rack cards are mean to appeal to foot traffic. Their job is to catch the attention of someone passing by, so the message should be simple and powerful. Use bright colours and interesting images. Through our online design service we offer professionally designed templates to help you prepare your artwork.

Key Elements

Make sure to include all important information. Primarily, you rack card should contain your company name and contact information. Along those lines, it can be helpful to include a map that clearly shows your location for visitors. Above all, a rack card must have a call to action. In other words, it needs to encourage the reader to do something in response to reading your card. For example, to “act now and save 10%” or even just to visit soon.