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Quality Custom Poster Printing

Our poster products are divided by printing method. We use the digital press for bulk posters and the large format printer for the large ones. Digital prints are fast and inexpensive compared to large format.

Small Sizes

The bulk posters are smaller. The size range is relatively small, from 8.5″ x 11″ to 12″ x 18″. Consequently, they can be printed very quickly and the papers easily exchanged.

The printer uses heat to bind toner (not ink) to the page, so there is no drying time or fear of smudging. A thousand letter sized posters could be ready in as little as a half hour, in an emergency. This keeps the price low.

Large Sizes

A large format machine prints the bigger posters . It prints with inks on 54″ wide rolls of 7 mil paper. Consequently, the size range is from 13″ x 19″ to enormous sizes.

As it prints, the inks need to dry, and long heaters warm the paper to help with that. Quality poster printing on this machine takes time. For example, 2 posters that are 18″ x 24″ may take as much as 10 – 15 minutes to print.

In addition, they may take more time to dry and cure. Consequently, these sizes are significantly more costly to produce.

Alternatives – The Same Thing, But Different

If you are looking for options that are not provided for these products, this is where you can look within the online shop:

If you would like to print your small posters on a heavier paper or get your product laminated, order from general printing.

For large posters, if you would like to print on a gloss or matte vinyl instead of paper and/or would like to get them mounted, you can order from yard signs and mounted prints.

Please tell us about your project if you need anything else.