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Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms are suitable for any use where you need instant copies of handwritten documents. The sets of forms come in 2 or 3 parts (or more) depending on the number of copies required.

Invoices, product or food orders, receipts, work orders, trucking logs, estimates, and other forms are commonly printed on carbonless paper.

Carbonless Paper

In past days, instant copy of a receipt or invoice were made by placing carbon paper between two pages and writing on the top form. Exactly what was written on the top paper was impressed on the carbon paper and transferred to the bottom page.

The carbon copy paper was messy and wore out with use. When it was no longer useful, it could not be recycled.

End of traditional carbon paper

In 1954, Appvion introduced a new, recyclable paper that functioned the same way as carbon copy forms, without the carbon paper – No Carbon Required.

Appvion recently divested their carbonless paper division to Nekoosa.

Authentic, quality, environmentally friendly NCR carbonless paper

Now, there are cheap carbonless papers available. But we don’t use them. Instead, we use authentic NCR paper for our business form printing services, made by the company that invented it and is still a leader in the field.

We use the Nekoosa NCR Paper for our carbonless form printing services because of the product quality. It gives a clean, legible impression that remains intense and does not fade over time.

With cheaper papers, you may not get the print quality for your form, nor the longevity of your copied pages.

Most importantly, these carbonless forms are environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemicals, and 100% recyclable.

Carbonless paper sets

Special carbonless papers joined together with a specifically formulated glue are called “sets“. Order sets with the number of pages, or “parts” you need for your NCR forms.

2 part carbonless forms – white, yellow

2 part carbonless form printing provides a white top page and a yellow, or canary, carbonless copy paper. In 2 part form printing, both pages are identical.

3 part carbonless forms – white, yellow, pink

3 part custom carbonless forms come in white, yellow, and pink with the yellow sheet in the middle. Generally these business forms allow for one copy to each party in the deal and the third for office use.

Carbonless Forms Size

Carbonless forms are available in letter (8.5″ x 11″), half letter (5.5″ x 8.5″) and quarter letter (4.25″ x 5.5″) paper sizes. Loose sets can be printed and finished in these sizes.

Carbonless form book set sizes

In order to accommodate the wrap around cover, 2 part or 3 part forms in books require a .5″ margin to allow for binding. That means, for example, that letter sized forms in books, when torn out along the perforation, will be 8.5″ x 10.5″.

Colour and duplex options for custom carbonless form printing

2 and 3 part form sets can be printed in CMYK colour or black and white. In addition, they can be single or double sided.

Printing on the back side of carbonless forms is not affected by writing transfer, and writing on the back of the sets does not transfer as it does on the front.

Back side printing is for reference only, usually for terms and conditions of the transaction.

Custom carbonless form finishing options

Loose business form sets

Carbonless forms are available as loose sets for customers who use business forms in an office or retail store. Each set is separate.

Carbonless forms in books

Organize your carbonless forms in convenient booklet with wrap around cover. Multiple sets are perforated and staple bound in a white cardstock cover with a flap that wraps around the length of the pages. The flap slips between sets to provide a hard writing surface to protect the forms underneath.

Each book has a consistent number of sets, depending on the choice of 2 part or 3 part. 2 part books have 50 carbonless form sets, and the 3 part books have 35 sets.

Sequential numbering

After printing and gluing, a number can be stamped on it. Each form is numbered individually and sequentially.

The number is stamped on the the white top form, and transferred by pressure to the next form. This way two or three sheets are given the identical number on the original form.

Printing Turnaround

Customer orders with print ready artwork are processed as soon as possible once they are received. Forms with sequential numbering take a bit longer to process.