The Heart of Custom Printing

Request a quote emails mean things will get quite interesting for the print shop.  Our assumption is that you are here to request a because your product is different from the products in the Shop. Please double check. It can be helpful to both of us if you peruse the Shop before sending a request. Firstly, you will be sure that you are submitting a job that is not already there. Secondly, it will give you a clear idea of the kinds of print, materials, and finishing we do so you are not emailing to request a quote for we can’t help with. Finally, please understand that extra charges are applied if your request involves ordering custom papers or media, of if challenging artwork is involved.

Having said that, please use this form to send us details about the job you would like us to quote on.

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Examples of Custom Print Jobs

We have been asked to do lots of unique jobs. Here are a few interesting ones:

  • High tack, laminated stickers for a submarine
  • Decals for a fire engine
  • Skate sharpening tags, card stock prints, each individually numbered and perforated, with a hole drilled on top. The tag is torn in 2 – one side is tied to the skate lace and the customer gets the other.
  • Cut vinyl boat names
  • Padded flyers – regular flyers padded like a note pad to keep them in nice piles
  • Stickers to go on records for a music video….
Said the Whale – Record Shop