Get your event tickets printed quickly. Even numbered and perforated orders are ready for pick up within a day. Save money with greyscale printing on one or both sides. Add an easy bend and tear perforation, or two, to suit your event plan. We use quality gloss or matte card stocks and high definition digital printing to get exceptional results every time.

Event Security

Custom printed tickets add an air of professionalism to your event. Manage your raffle with tickets finished with tear-away perforations. Similarly, you can control the number of people who can retrieve a benefit. For example, an “Admit One” tear away can only be used once per ticket. They are no longer valid as soon as the tear away is removed. Numbering can help you stay connected to the person holding the other end of the stub. Numbered stubs are also perfect for a simple prize draw.


We number tickets using a merge process. Each one gets a number from a related spreadsheet. Using that same process, you could add other elements. For example, you could put a QR or bar code, picture or name of the pass holder, or other information. These adaptations will not necessarily add a lot to your costs. Of course, you will have to collect all of the data required and store it in a usable spreadsheet. In addition, we may have to adjust the ticket size to accommodate the content. Submit your idea to us to get a quote.

Plan Ahead

Double check your venue capacity. Figure out how many tickets you need to see to cover costs. The most common mistake people make when ordering tickets is under-printing and needing to come back fro more. Plan ahead and avoid unnecessary charges.