Booklets can be used for multiple purposes. An 8 page saddle stitch one can be a type of brochure if a 4 page sales sheet or 6 panel tri-fold brochure do not give you enough space for all of your content. They make great cookbooks, especially the coil bound ones that lay flat on the table and have plastic covers. Saddle stitch booklets, which are stapled on the spine, are often used as manuals or catalogs. Either style is suited for workbooks, though the coil bound types open up completely and may be easier to write in.


Saddle stitch booklets are suitable for 8 to 40 page documents, including the cover. The pages must be in sets of 4 for this layout. Since a simple 4 page “booklet” consists of only one folded paper, it is called a “brochure“. Coil bound booklets, on the other hand, have no such limitation. Any number of pages can be coil bound, though very thick manuscripts should be bound in more than one volume to make them easier to handle. In addition, coil bound pages can be single sided.


Use our instant quote tool to select the style and options you want for your order. Volume discounts are based on the total number of pages over the entire order. Booklet orders are processed quickly,

File Upload

There is no size restriction for uploading your file. To get the best print results, please send 300 dpi files. In addition, booklets should be arranged from front cover to back cover in sequential order. For saddle stitching, our software will set up and rearrange the pages to create the correct layout. Coil ones print in the standard order. For either type, please add any blank pages you want to include to make the layout or double sided page order to be correct.