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Banner Printing

Banner printing is a great way to get a simple message across in a big way. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of banners is the ability to set them up quickly and roll them up and store them away. It is a form of instant signage. We offer 2 banner formats, one particularly well suited for outdoor use and the other for indoors.


We use 3 different types of material for banner printing .

Firstly, we use a 13 oz scrim banner. This is a very common material that you will find available at almost every print shop. A grid of threads, called scrim, is embedded in the vinyl to give the banner material strength. Consequently, scrim banner can take the beating from weather.

Secondly, we use a 16 oz no curl blockout banner. This material is very smooth in relation to scrim. This makes this banner a better choice for indoor use where the viewer is likely to stand closer to it. The no curl blockout qualities make it a good choice to hang from a ceiling, for example. Lights behind the banner will not shine through, and the edges will hang straight rather than curl in.

Thirdly, we use a PET greyback banner. This is our choice for pop up banner printing. This is the smoothest of the banner materials. Like the previous material, the grey back prevents light from shining though and this material is also no curl. With it , our pop up banners always look fantastic.

Outdoor Banner Printing for Vancouver Weather

If you plan to hang your banner outside, it needs to withstand the weather, particularly in Vancouver. With our outdoor scrim banners, you have the option of adding a hem made with a double sided adhesive. This creates a smooth, finished edge. In addition, it adds significant strength to the banner.


Rigid signs can be made for indoor and outdoor use instead of a banner, but they are rigid. For single use banner printing, consider a poster.