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Vinyl Poster, Tarpaulin, Scrim for Indoor or Outdoor Use

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vinyl banner media

At Laser Sharp, we offer you two exceptional choices for outdoor hanging banners, a 13 oz vinyl and a finer, heavier 16 oz.

13 oz scrim

Standard fare for outdoor banners, this material has threads, called scrim, woven through the vinyl to strengthen it. Scrim is ideal for outdoor advertising as it withstands tough weather conditions. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

16 oz no curl

This material is smoother than scrim and better suited for indoor use. It is resistant to curling at the edges, so hangs nicely in place.

This material is fine for short term outdoor use, but is generally intended for indoor use where viewing is more close up.

Custom banner size

Your custom vinyl banner can be printed in any size, to the fraction of an inch. The maximum width for custom sizes is 50″, and the length is open.

Prices for banner printing are based on square foot, so if you order more than one banner, increasing the square foot of your order, your price will be discounted.

banner corner with grommet

Hanging your banner: grommets or pole pockets

As an option, nickel grommets are fastened to your banner. The grommet is a metal ring that prevents your zip tie or rope from tearing the banner.

Alternatively, you can request that a pocket be added to the top of the banner. The pocket accommodates a pole or rope that can be secured on each end to give a rigid support across the banner. A similar pocket can be added at the bottom if desired.

A pocket is ideal if you are printing a banner to be carried in a parade or suspending it on a specially designed banner stand.

Adding a hem to the edge of the printed vinyl banner

To strengthen the banner edges and to prevent slight fraying that may occur on scrim vinyl, a hem can be added.

We use a double sided adhesive tape to weld a .75″ strip along each edge before grommets are inserted.

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