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A Print Shop with a Difference

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Making you look good is Print Shop Job #1

We started with competitive prices, then maximized the value of the materials and service to give you the most for your money. In other words, for the same price you might pay somewhere else, we try to give you better paper, faster delivery, and usually a few pieces free. Learn more.

We use quality, eco-friendly inks and toners that look great and last longer. No knock offs.

Your peace of mind is built in to the price. “Just do it” artwork support means that your artwork is assessed and small issues identified before printing. If there is a potential issue with your print quality, we fix it with no extra charge or delay, or let you know.

Low minimum and flexible quantities

Save money and reduce waste by ordering just as many as you need. You are not forced to buy more or less than you need. Each page or additional inch contributes to your volume discount.

We help where we can

A portion of every purchase made at Laser Sharp is used to support the community and people in need. Thanks to your order, we have provided reduced pricing for:

  • Bulk posters to try to find a missing First Nations woman.
  • Artwork and printing for memorial cards and funeral programs
  • Support for Not For Profits, charities, and arts and sports programs for kids

Digital Printing

Ultra HD

Up to date technology for fast, high quality business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, calendars and more.

Our state of the art digital press offers ultra high resolution results on a variety of media sizes and finishes. Delivering four times more pixels than other presses, and 2400 x 2400 dpi capability and consistent heat and pressure during the print process, your outcome is jaw-dropping detail, crispness and clarity through every page. In other words, brilliant colour. Smooth, beautiful gradients, certainly. Above all, exceptional quality and value, delivered quickly, at a fair price. It doesn’t get better than this.

xerox versant 180
print shop large format

Large Format Printing

Exceptional Value

Get stickers, banners, posters, and signs that look great and last for years.

We use Greenguard certified inks that are recognized for low volatile chemical emissions into the environment. These inks are formulated for lasting performance, so they have outdoor durability of three years or more, even without lamination. Moreover, your prints are ruggedly scratch resistant with normal handling, so they continue to look good for much longer than those printed with the lower priced, after market, inks that seem to be widely used these days. In other words, don’t be fooled by our lower prices – at Laser Sharp, high quality and value for the customer are our priority.

Most importantly about us:

We have a print shop dog. He’s a rescue. He’s awesome.

Meet Moki

Moki was adopted by Kevin and joined Laser Sharp in December of 2020. He has a perfect attendance record on the job and politely greets every customer. Just tail wags, no barking or jumping up.

The first few years of Moki’s life were unpleasant at best. He was found tied up outside a shop in Korea. unable to move very much and forced to sleep on a concrete step. He was rescued by a wonderful woman in Korea, called Angela, and sent here for adoption and a new life in Canada.

Moki loves it when you say hello to him and scritch his ears. He always lets you know how happy we are to see you come back.

Emergency Printing

Inspired by Moki’s story, we are here to “rescue” you too.  If you need a job done super fast to meet a sudden need or because another printer let you down, contact us and tell us your story.  We’ll help.

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