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Unlike most print shops who offer note pads with 20, 25, or 50 pages, we leave the number of pages to you! Just choose the size of the note pad you want to order, enter the number of pads, and then the number of pages in each pad. You are welcome to choose the standard number of pages, to make comparing prices easier, or custom make your pads to suit their purpose. For example, a pad of inspection forms may have 12 pages to accommodate a year of monthly forms, or 52 for a year’s worth of weekly forms. True custom printing means getting just what you need!

Note pads come in different sizes and thicknesses and are used in many ways. In general, they serve either a promotional or practical purpose.

Promotional Note Pads

These usually have company information on them – a logo, tagline, contact information, and maybe a small picture. The promotional material takes up a small portion at the top and/or bottom of the pages. They are often used by realtors, for example, and include a compelling claim that may be of interest, like the realtor’s standing – top 5%, for instance – or specialty.

The strength of note pads as a promotional advertisement is a psychological likelihood. In other words, they work as a promotion because a note pad is a useful thing the most people are likely to throw out. Motivated by the fear of one day not being able to find a little piece of paper when they need one to write down a phone message, people keep note pads rather than throw them away. Your ad stays with them, and is passed on with any notes that change hands. Promotional pads are given out in great numbers, even mailed.

Practical Note Pads

Simple pads are often used as receipts or to create reminders for appointments. A black and white form in a pad can save a lot of time writing out details. Some professions. like dental specialists, use double sided colour forms for appointments and referrals.

Promotional and Practical

If you attend trade shows, employment fairs, flea markets or any other such event where you have a booth, note pads can serve both purposes at once. Print your company name and contact information on the pages of the pads. Keep a supply of the pads with you, as well as your flyers and brochures. When you are meeting people and need to jot a quick note for them, draw a map to your location or a diagram to explain something, you will have paper to do it. In addition, the note you give them will have your company information on it.

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