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Classic Brochures

Printed in colour on both sides of the page and carefully machine folded, brochures give you 6 panels, each approximately 3.5″ x 8.5″ for you to introduce your product or service, present your prices, or encourage people to register for your program. They also make great take out menus. We offer the most common folding options:

brochure types

The larger, 11″ x 17″ brochure, folded in half to letter size, is often used as a sale sheet for Realtors or is a common format for newsletters. These sizes are paper size, not the completed brochure size after folding.

Click the button to download a pdf template to help you design your brochure to include the appropriate bleed space. Design help is available if needed, just let us know.

Perforated Brochures

Add a tear away section – a coupon or two, a registration form, a raffle ticket, anything – to your brochure to make it a multipurpose product. A simple perforation along the fold line is a common way to encourage your customer to respond without having to go look for scissors. For more complex brochures, our Canadian-made perforating machine can also add 2 perpendicular perforations to create 3 tear away coupons or draw entries. Using perforated brochures allows your customer to keep the information about your product or event, and leave you with their application.

brochure template

Brochure perforations: single (top) and perpendicular or
“cross” perforations, as seen from the outside of a brochure.

brochure classic