Custom Calendar Printing

The exceptional opportunity custom calendar printing provides is often overlooked.  Unlike a flyer that offers a single page or two of content and is distributed and eventually recycled, calendars give lots of pages and people tend to keep them.  Their use is not just as an advertisement.  Every month is a new opportunity for you to share a message, and your advertisement or artwork go on the wall for everyone to see.

Benefits of Custom Calendar Printing for Business

With websites we are familiar with getting “impressions” and thinking about the exposure our advertising gets.  We even associate a cost for someone to “click” on our ad.  Similarly, calendars offer great exposure hanging on a customer’s wall where they are seen every day and where every month a page is turned.  Think of the cost of a calendar divided by the number of times someone looks at it – that is the phenomenally low cost of your ad view!

Firstly, make sure to brand your calendar.  Put your logo on the front cover and on every month page.  This can best be accomplished by creating a banner ad to go across the bottom of each month page.  These banners can contain your logo and contact information, at least, and a monthly message or sale notice.  Secondly, use pictures that show off your products.  They should be attractive enough that your customer wants them hanging on the wall.  Thirdly, use the calendar dates to highlight annual promotions, conferences, product releases, or any dates that may be of interest to your customers and cause them to contact you.  Finally, use any extra pages or the back cover of a wall calendar to introduce your sales team.

Benefits for Artists and Photographers

Custom calendars are a great way to profile your work.  You can create them as a gift to give to customers or for customers to give to people they love.  Similarly, you can sell them as another revenue stream to top you up at year end.

Benefits for Families

A calendar is a great way to bring people together, even when they are  apart.  Fill yours with meaningful pictures and memories. In addition, birthdays and anniversaries will never be forgotten.  That makes people feel loved and included.

Advertising in Demand

A nice calendar is something people want and appreciate.  Create a great custom calendar and each year your customers, family, or friends will come looking for a new one.  That is exceptional value!