Digital Printing

Event Ticket Printing

5.5″ x 2″

Optional Perforation and Numbering


Promote concerts and parties with custom event ticket printing.

Tickets serve as a pass for different events – shows, party, exhibitions and auctions. They are also great raffle tickets.

Event or raffle tickets come with optional perforations and sequential numbering printed out on our standard paper format – 5.5″ x 2″.

We provide gloss or high matte coatings for ticket card stock.

Standard turnaround in printing tickets is about 3 business days. If you need your tickets quickly, there is also an option for priority service to get them in one business day.

Create and print event tickets that do more

Ticket printing is fairly straight forward.  Above all, your ticket should do its job to make your event a success.

Perforated admission tickets, particularly numbered ones, can give you a precise count of attendees as stubs are gathered.

Variable data merge to create exceptional event and raffle tickets

We can further personalize tickets by performing a variable data merge.  For example, a name, picture, or bar code could be placed on each individual ticket in addition to the sequential numbers.

Tickets separated with perforations provide tear away coupons for a drink or food choice.  For instance, a fundraiser held at a sponsor restaurant may offer 1 free drink and 1 free entree to those who attend.

Perforated and numbered tickets can also make your admission ticket into an entry into a door prize draw or even a coat check stub. Custom tickets can be event tickets and raffle tickets in one.

We recommend you buy ample tickets in advance to avoid the extra costs of a second print run.

Ticket dimensions for your print job

We print standard 5.5″ x 2″ customized tickets. The configuration for ticket printing can be portrait or landscape, and can include sequential numbering and/or a perforation.

The design for the event ticket may be printed on the front and back, or front only. For double sided tickets with a perforation, it is important to remember where the perforation is.

Custom ticket printing card stock

Custom event tickets are printed on 14 point card stock. Customers can choose between gloss or matte. There is a small variation in price.

Add a perforation to show where to tear and to make tearing easy

Perforation is an affordable way to customize ticket printing. The small increase in pricing is well worth the improved usability and product quality.

We do not dictate the configuration for the perforation It can be placed anywhere along the length of your custom event or raffle tickets.

Sequential numbering on custom tickets

Using a data merge system, we can print a unique number on each one of your tickets. Unless specified, this will be a simple number sequence.

But your number can include letters in front or behind the numbers, like “0003-AFO” or even a random set of words or letters. You let us what you want.

If you include perforation, we can print the number on both sides of the perforation for one price.

Advantages of ticket numbers
  1. Sequential numbers make it very easy to track ticket purchases.
  2. A unique number or combination of letters turn your tickets into raffle tickets. No need for people to write their name to participate.
  3. Numbered ticket stubs from perforated tickets can give you an accurate number in attendance.

Each ticket can have a few unique elements

We number tickets using a merge process. Each one gets a number from a related spreadsheet. Using that same process, you could add other elements. For example, you could put a QR or bar code, picture or name of the pass holder, or other information.

These adaptations will not necessarily add a lot to your price. Of course, you will have to collect all of the data required and store it in a usable spreadsheet.

In addition, we may have to adjust the ticket size to accommodate the content. Submit your idea to us to get a quote.

Full colour ticket printing

We offer black and white or high quality full colour ticket printing, suitable for photos. Improve your event ticket sales and create excitement about your event by printing in colour.

Fast printing for high quality event and raffle tickets

Get your event tickets printed quickly. Even numbered and perforated orders are ready for pick up within a day. Priority printing is available.

Plan ahead before printing

Double check your venue capacity. Figure out how many tickets you need to see to cover costs.

The most common mistake people make when ordering tickets is under-printing and needing to come back for more. Plan ahead and avoid unnecessary charges.