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#10 Custom Business Envelopes

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#10 Quality Custom Printed Business Envelopes

  • 9.5″ x 4.25″ (no bleed).
  • Choose from custom printed standard, window, and artlined privacy envelopes.
  • Fast turn around, digitally printed in black and white or color, in-house
  • Flexible quantities or full boxes of 500.

Custom Business Envelopes

We provide digital envelope printing, primarily for #10 size, the standard for most business correspondence.

Fast turnaround on orders

Custom printed business envelopes are easily set up for digital  printing and quickly finished.  Digital printing is best for shorter runs.

Full color printing

There is only one price level for color envelope printing.  In other words, it doesn’t matter how many colors you have in your artwork.  Color printing (4/0) is one price, black and white (1/0) printing is another. You will not pay extra to add colors as you may with other processes.

Single side – front printing

We do print only on the front of the business envelope products, though, and without bleeds. We do not print on the flap side or over the flap for these products.

Custom printed envelopes with professional look and branding

Digitally printed envelopes can take away the need for the added cost and trouble of mailing labels. They give your business a more professional look, and create a good impression for people receiving your mailings.

This is a simple and effective way to strengthen your brand and create a strong impression. Above all, it saves you the time and pain of writing or labelling every mail out.

Types of #10 Size Custom Printed Envelopes

Envelope Dimensions for #10 Standard, Window and Artlined

The types of envelopes we offer are all the same size, #10s, and white. The number 10 size envelopes are 4 1/8 inches high by 9 1/2 inches long.

These envelopes hold correspondence in letter and legal sizes, folded to fit. They are also the correct size to hold brochures, flyers, tear cards and rack cards in the 3.5″ x 8.5″ or 9″ x 4″ sizes.

Standard #10 Envelopes

Plain white business envelopes. Customers generally have their company address and logo professionally printed. When it is time for a mailing, they add their customers information to the printed envelope by hand, with a mailing label, or by running the printed envelopes through the office printer.

#10 Window Envelopes

The same size and shape as standard business envelopes, window envelopes have a cellophane window through which the recipients address, written on the enclosed document, can be seen.

Window envelopes cost a bit more to purchase and print, but you save money on addressing.  In other words, all you need to do is make sure your documents inside are properly formatted and folded to the correct size so they won’t slide inside the custom envelope.  That could make the address unreadable.

The price for window envelopes is higher than for the others.

Artlined or Privacy Envelopes

Again, the size is the same as standard ones. The key difference with these is that the envelope manufacturer prints a complex pattern on the inside before the envelope is folded and glued. Consequently, this printed pattern creates a privacy barrier, so the contents cannot be read through the envelope.

Best for cheques and sensitive documents

These are ideal for cheques and documents with delicate contents.  Again, we can help with doing a variable data merge to print recipients addresses on these envelopes as well if you are doing a mass mailing.

The price for artlined envelopes is in the mid range; privacy is priceless.

Learn more about business envelopes

SupremeX, the envelope manufacturer, has a full list of business envelope terms.

Envelope Printing Quantities

Orders can be for any quantity of custom envelopes. The price per unit drops as you order more. They come in boxes of 500, for quick and easy orders.

Envelope Printing Artwork

Your text and logo should be a minimum of 3/16″ from the top and side edges of the envelope layout for no bleed printing. Use fonts that are easy to read and large enough size.

Correct size and format for your envelope artwork

Please set your artboard to match the size of your products. Files can be submitted as pdf, jpg or png.  The file should be 300 dpi resolution. More options and the price for printing are on the order section above.

Variable Data Printing Orders

What variable data printing is and why you should use it.

Planning a large mailing campaign? Hand writing addresses is painful. Buying, printing, and sticking on mailing labels for large orders is tedious and expensive.

It can also leave some customers feeling flat about your brand and company.

Printing each name and address on the envelope with your office printer will be a much better solution, but it it also extremely slow and labour intensive. The price for this can also turn out to be surprisingly high.

Save money and labour with one step processing

By far the most cost effective solution is to send us your mailing list spreadsheet and have both your return address and recipient printing done for you. The list can be any size.

We merge from your .txt or .csv download file – easy.

Use software to export virtual business cards or client lists to a spreadsheet. We will calculate a price that suits your job. You can even include an extra message on the printed envelopes to encourage your customer to open your mail. Extra text has little affect on price.

Variable data for mass letter mailings – letters and envelopes ready to stuff and send

In addition to custom printed envelopes, consider customizing your letter with your envelope printing. Contact us with details to find out more about variable data products.

Greeting Cards Custom Printed Envelopes

When you order greeting cards in A2 (small) or A7 (large) size with us, envelopes are included in the cards price. We can also print on envelopes as small as A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) and use variable data for those jobs. Contact us for a price.