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Tent Cards

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4″ x 6″ viewable from each side

Tent Cards

What is a tent card?

Tent cards, sometimes called “table talkers” are double-sided ads folded so that the ads face opposite directions, and given a folded base to form a free standing “tent”. Slits in the base allow them to interlock to keep the tent standing.

What is the purpose of table tent cards?

Tent cards are intended to draw attention to your product or message. They are used to promote business or as a simple sign at events. Table top placement puts tent cards in a prominent place, so it is hard to ignore.

Tent cards are often called “table talkers” because they typically spark conversation among customers about the advertised products or services.

Presence is influence

People want to make easy decisions. Placing your tent cards on a table helps with that.

Advertising your food promotions, desserts, or cold drinks on a table tent makes it easy for them to order “one of these”.  This is called “passive marketing“.

Tent cards at a point of sale counter is an easy way to spur spontaneous purchases.

In addition, the tent can provide customers with important information about the transaction. For example, the table tent can alert customers about the forms of payment accepted or declined.

Table tent cards are perfect for trade shows, country markets, or short term messaging where permanent signage is not convenient.

Print a QR code on the tent cards to link and drive customer traffic to your business web site for further details.

Changing the artwork and printing new tents regularly will keep messaging fresh for regular customers.

Gather your ideas and plan ahead for events to order more tents for your business and reduce the price of each.

Table tent card dimensions

The artwork for your tent card should be 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall (viewable area). Content goes on both sides, so they are mirrored at the centre.

When assembled, table tents stand approximately 5.5″ tall (6″ print, but angled), 4″ wide, and 2″ deep across the base.

Laser Sharp quality is in the detail

Full color tent card printing

Table tent cards are essentially two 4 x 6 postcards back to back at the fold. The artwork can be the same on each side or different. Table tents are printed in high quality, full color.

Create your own design or use an image to promote a brand you carry.

Our tent cards are sturdy

One of the greatest weaknesses of many tent cards is the light card stock used by the printer.  They look great at first, but soon start to sag and lean over.

The card is not strong enough to keep the tent shape.  Printed on thick 14 pt gloss or matte card paper stock, our table tent cards keep their shape and stand proud.

Perforations on the bottom help to hold the base in place as the rough perfed edges grip each other. Optionally, you can use tape.

Creasing is included in the price

Card stock printing can crack when folded, creating a jagged, messy look.

To prevent the toner from cracking at the fold, we crease (also called scoring) the tent cards at each fold point after printing. This is standard practice.

Turnaround time

Table tents are printed and shipped across Canada from our shop. Printing and finishing can be done quickly with our priority services.

You can get an instant price for printing and delivery in Canada or the US in the shopping cart.

We fold the tent card in half to reduce the size of the page for shipping. This gives the each customer the advantage of a lower shipping price.