Tent Cards

These things are attention magnets. Designed as a triangular table display that can be read from both sides, they do more than just present a product. They start conversation about it. Commonly found in bars and restaurants, tent cards keep your product top of mind. They sell drink specials and inspire dessert orders before a main course is selected. At a reception desk they announce a service, sale, offer, or give important information. Wherever they are, people can’t help noticing tent cards.

Design and Content

There are some strategic decisions to make around what is printed on your tent cards. Firstly, it is important to consider where it will sit. A tent card at an employment booth table may not need print on both sides, for instance. It may need to have a simple message in large fonts, however, to be visible from a distance.

On the other hand, a tent card that will sit on a restaurant table needs to be seen only from an arm’s length. Pictures may be more important than text, in that case. Moreover, restaurant patrons often pick up and look at a card on their table. In that case, it may be beneficial to put unique content on each side to present more content. When both sides are the same, you hope that it will spark conversation across the table about your product. However, if the sides are different, you need it to interest them enough to pick it up and turn it around. Either way, you win.

The Value of Tents

The real value of tent cards is simple. Firstly, their structure attracts attention. Secondly, they sit on a table, offering extended exposure. People may look at them for hours at a time. This strengthens your brand. They are a good investment of advertising dollars.