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Tent Cards or Table Talkers

Sturdy 14 point card stock that stands tall

One graphic on both sides, or 2 different sides

Creased folds and slit to interlock base

Cheaper than acrylic table top holders

Single unit ordering.  Get just as many as needed.

The Paper Sweet Spot for Table Tents


There is a good reason we only offer 14 point cover for table tend cards.  It stands up to the job.  Sturdy and beautiful, 14 point cover in either gloss or matte finish make tent cards you can be proud to display.

Thicker card stock is bulky, especially around the base.  Thinner cover looks great at first, but the tents eventually start to lean over and collapse.

At one time, in a previous location for our own shop, we were a wifi hotspot for two major service providers.  Both sent us tent cards announcing their free wifi hotspot.  The tent cards were inexpensive and made with a light card stock, 10 point.  Both sat on our counter.

After a few days, their tent cards started to flop over and needed to be fixed.  Not long after, even straightening them back up didn't work any more and they were discarded.  Those companies saved a few dollars on cheap tent cards, but missed the mark on their goal of promoting their product.

We only make tent cards that will serve your goal and stand up to the job.


Tent Card Sizes


We are offering 7 size options for your table tent cards.  Sizes are given as width x height, and the actual size can be adjusted for width to accommodate your artwork.  Tent card or table talker size represents the viewable area of the finished product.


Artwork and Layout


We want to make ordering easy for you.  Please submit your graphic file in the size you are ordering.  In other words, if you want a 5 x 7 tent card, please submit 5 x 7 artwork, with a bleed.  We will take care of the layout.

If your file has one image, we will place that image on both sides of the cards.  If you send 2 images, we will place one on each side to complete on table tent order.


full colour tent cards

With Table Talkers, your ad is perfectly placed


Tent cards are intended to draw attention to your product or message. They are used to promote business or as a simple sign at events. Table top placement puts tent cards in a prominent place, so it is hard to ignore.

Tent cards are often called "table talkers" because they typically spark conversation among customers about the advertised products or services.


Presence is influence

People want to make easy decisions. Placing your tent cards on a table helps with that.

Advertising your food promotions, desserts, or cold drinks on a table tent makes it easy for them to order "one of these".  This is called "passive marketing".

Tent cards at a point of sale counter is an easy way to spur spontaneous purchases.

In addition, the tent can provide customers with important information about the transaction. For example, the table tent can alert customers about the forms of payment accepted or declined.

Table tent cards are perfect for trade shows, country markets, or short term messaging where permanent signage is not convenient.

Print a QR code on the tent cards to link and drive customer traffic to your business web site for further details.

Changing the artwork and printing new tents regularly will keep messaging fresh for regular customers.

Gather your ideas and plan ahead for events to order more tents for your business and reduce the price of each.


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