How we can help you

Sign printing, artwork, and manufacturing is a huge industry. Lots of businesses specialize in that, and have all the fancy equipment to install signs almost anywhere. That is not us. While the job of those big signs is to point to a business, locate it, and let you know where it is. Illuminated signs and billboards do that, for instance. Instead, we focus on smaller sign printing. These signs do a different job. Small signs draw attention, promote, inform, sell, entice. While the big sign tells people where you are, the small ones get them in the door and encourage them to buy or join when they get there. We’re about sign printing that build your business or brand, like sidewalk sandwich boards, vehicle magnets, vinyl lettering for your window or to go on your truck, or the ones that hang from the ceiling marking a department.

Sandwich Boards

We offer very attractive and sturdy sandwich board sign frames, made of a weather resistant coated metal. The inserts are printed vinyl mounted on corrugated plastic, with optional lamination to protect the inks. We promote this style of sandwich board because it is flexible and changing your signs easy and inexpensive. Four sizes are available for sign printing in the shop.

Vehicle Magnet Sign Printing

Vehicle magnets on the door of your car or truck make your brand visible. We mount printed vinyl on .030 magnetic sheet, for a sleek look and solid bond to the vehicle. When people see your magnet on a truck parked in their neighbourhood, they know you are working in the area. They know that their neighbour trusts you. Maybe they even see your work, if it is also visible from the street. Without even knowing, your customer is giving a testimonial to everyone who passes by…but only if the magnet is on your truck.

Cut Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl letter stickers are a more permanent signage than magnets. The are great for window signs, address numbers, or the NSC decals required for commercial vehicles. They will help you get noticed and share information, or in the case of the NSC number, pass by the authorities without issue. Priced by the letter. Just type in your text and get an instant quote.

Rigid Sign Printing & Mounted Prints

Yard signs with wire stands, construction site signs, extra sandwich board inserts, and prints mounted on hard substrates for presentations or display. These signs can be as small as a few inches (you may need to request a quote for your really small ones) or as large as a 4′ x 8′ panel. Larger if you want to tile the panels. To clarify, there are too many sizes and uses name. We offer flexible sign printing sizes and several choices for plastic signs of all kinds. Moreover, you can extend the life of your signs with lamination.

Are you in a bind?

We understand that things can happen. Windows get broken. Or you buy a new truck. An inspector visits or pulls you over. If you need a sign printing in a hurry, let us know. We do our best to help you get what you need when you need it.


If you need sign printing that is temporary or movable, perhaps a banner is the solution.