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Centre Coil Calendar Printing

Sleek Coil Bound Calendars for 2022 – Order Now

Standard 26 pages and cover bound with black spiral coil.  Hole drilled for easy hanging.

Centre Coil Calendar Printing

Create your own personalized calendars or business calendar with a neat centre coil binding. This wall calendar will hang perfectly and flat against the wall. Custom printed calendars make an exceptionally good holiday season gift for family and friends, with meaningful favorite photos.

Full Colour Coil Bound Calendars

Centre coil binding is perfect for photo calendars. Unlike the saddle stitch version that dictates that you have 28 pages, coil bound designs can have fewer or more pages.

What are the picture requirements?

You really only need 13 photographs or images. One for the cover and one for each month. We give you the option for more.  Each file should have a 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution and be 8.5″ x 11″ in landscape orientation.  Each photo should have a .125 inch bleed space around the edges.

Finished Size and Hanging

When closed, the calendar is 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size.  Hanging on the wall, it will be approximately 11 inches wide by 17.25 inches tall.

Each calendar is bound with a black plastic coil and has a hole drilled in it for easy hanging.  The pages will open 360 degrees around the coil, if desired.

Printed in Full Colour on Quality Papers

Your photo calendar will be printed in full colour. Your photos will look amazing. Our high resolution press will make even the finer details look great.

Paper Choices for Pages and Covers

Coil binding allows for a wide variety of paper choices, particularly for the covers. Because a centre coil replaces the need for folding, we are proud to offer heavy 16 point cover printing options in gloss and matte.

Custom Printed Calendars for Business

Businesses who create their own calendar can promote their products and services all year long. Wall calendars are often hung in a prominent place and viewed daily.

Highlight important dates, like regular sale events, and give reminders for deadlines or re-orders.

Very cost-effective advertising

Put an add banner on each month page of your calendar to direct customers to visit your site or to feature particular products. Customize each calendar page with your logo and contact information.

Printed advertising they ask for

Customers will ask for one every year, a sign of how effective this advertising is.  Make this a key marketing program and see how effective it is from year to year.

Compare printing calendars to sending flyers, postcards, or brochures. While all printed material is memorable and effective, well planned calendars will not be so easily recycled. A personalized calendar is kept. That’s 365 day exposure.

Creating Custom Printed Calendars is Super Easy!

  1. Pick a photo theme. This may be shots of your products, or something appealing to everyone like photos of Vancouver
  2. Collect your images. Chances are, you have some great pictures of Vancouver on your own cell phone. If not, search for royalty free pics of Vancouver online. For coil bound calendars you need only 13, assuming you are putting one on the front cover.  Unsplash is a brilliant resource for this.
  3. Set up you month pages. There are tons of month templates online or packaged with software you likely have, like Word. Don’t forget to add your special dates and banner ad.
  4. Upload your artwork and complete your order.  Pricing and finishing options are all here, no hidden charges.

Fast Turnaround and Fair Prices

It is important to allow plenty of time to get your order printed so you have time to distribute or sell them after printing.  We do offer rush and priority printing if you need your order completed extra fast.  You will find that even with priority production service, our prices are lower for centre coil calendars than many other shops in Canada.