Ordering Staff Business Cards Just Got Easier

Ordering staff business cards for everyone on your team online can be time consuming and expensive. At Laser Sharp printing, we have an easy solution. If you have ever had to order business cards for multiple team members at a time, you know the tedium of entering all of the details over and over. With […]

Product Brochures: 2 Big Ways to Show Off Your Products Like a Boss

large product brochure

When you invest in brochure printing, you expect a quality product that will get you results. Getting there takes great design, high resolution colour print on paper that looks and feels good, and creased folds.  But to get the absolute most of your product brochures, you should also pay close attention to the size and […]

Same-day printing

same-day printing

The Ultimate Guide to Same-Day Printing: All You Need to Know Whether it is a deadline, sudden business opportunity, slow graphics department, or just forgetting, the need for same-day printing can arise suddenly and be outside your control.   Rush printing services that turn around jobs in one day, or in some cases a matter of […]

We compared Canadian booklet printing prices for 2022. Here’s what we found.

canadian booklet printing prices

We threw the exact same booklet printing order in 18 online print shop carts and got mind-blowing price differences. While both the print shop with the lowest price and the one with the highest price both advertised “high quality booklet printing” in their SEO page title, their cart prices varied by 65%! Our booklet order […]

Guide to More Creative Postcard Printing 2022

postcard printing

What is a postcard? Postcard Sizes Postcards are printed on large sheets of cover stock and then trimmed to size. Common postcard sizes are: To send a postcard by regular postal rates within Canada, the size must be between a minimum of 5.5″ x 3.5″ and maximum of 9.6″ x 6.1″. The maximum dimensions for […]

Rush Printing Services: When will my print job be ready?

Meeting your needs with Rush Printing Services The short answer: It can be ready for when you need it. Rush orders are inevitable. Last week a guy dropped by my shop.  He needed two Construction Site Safety Rules signs to pass inspection and the inspector was expected early that afternoon.  He had forgotten all about […]

Do We Still Need Carbonless Invoice Forms?

ncr printing

What is a Carbonless Invoice? Carbonless invoice forms may seem pretty old school.  They have been around for quite awhile, since Appvion introduced their NCR paper in 1954.  It was an incredible innovation that resulted in the phasing out of messy carbon paper.  Consequently, making precise duplicates, without a photocopier, became much easier.  And cleaner. […]

File Printing Expectations VS Reality

lady with paper smile

How to Make Sure the Reality Meets or Exceeds Your Expectation! Every customer wants their file printing job to turn out perfectly.  We want that too.  But good quality results should not be a matter of luck. One of the most frustrating things printers encounter is getting low quality files with the direction that “I […]

How to Get High Quality Print Results Every Time

interesting gears printing

High quality print results – every customer wants them, and every printing company claims to deliver them.   As a printer, I do tend to celebrate the consistently beautiful prints coming from my machines.  My customers appreciate that, too.  But real quality can be measured and achieve in much more practical ways.  True high quality print […]