Do We Still Need Carbonless Invoice Forms?
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What is a Carbonless Invoice?

Carbonless invoice forms may seem pretty old school.  They have been around for quite awhile, since Appvion introduced their NCR paper in 1954.  It was an incredible innovation that resulted in the phasing out of messy carbon paper.  Consequently, making precise duplicates, without a photocopier, became much easier.  And cleaner.

Carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper, allows for content written on a top copy to transfer to as many as 4 pages instantaneously.  However 2 or 3 pages, called “parts” and glued together in “sets” are most common.  2 or 3 part carbonless NCR forms are often used for invoices and order forms.  Books of forms, with a special wrap around cover, make the carbonless invoice forms conveniently transportable.

Hasn’t Technology Replaced the Need For Carbonless NCR Paper?

The cool thing about NCR paper is that it exactly duplicates handwriting. It’s true that technology has ways of doing that too. Photocopying and scans come to mind immediately.  But most people don’t have access to the necessary machines, especially when needed.  In addition, the mobile scanners that do exist may not always function reliably.  Batteries, charging stations, and plug-ins can be hard to find.  Now there is a computer program that can replicate your hand writing.  It’s cool too.  However, NCR paper offers more than these.

Carbonless forms on NCR paper can give you a 100% accurate reproduction of handwritten content instantly. They can go anywhere. Because they are “old school”, they require no electricity. NCR paper has been used for contracts and important paperwork for decades. For people who need accurate copies, carbonless forms are a perfect solution. With a per page cost about the same as photocopies, without the hassle, the answer is simple – yes, we still need them.