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The number of stickers per sheet varies depending on size.  Use the calculator form below to figure out how many sheets you need for your sticker choice.

Next, complete the order form below, repeating the size and sheet quantity from the calculator form.

Remember that you are ordering groups of stickers on letter sized, 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. so the price for 500 sheets represents anywhere from 1000 (4″ x 5″ rectangle) to 540,000 (.75″ circle) stickers!

Thank you for your interest in such a large order. Please contact us directly for pricing on this product.

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Quality Sticker Sheets Made in North Vancouver, Printed Here

Standard Permanent Adhesive
Rich Gloss
Low Tack Adhesive
Weather Resistant
Fluorescent Colours
Pre-cut Shapes & Sizes
paper stickers

Printed on a high end, best in class printer in high resolution, your sticker sheets can be produced quickly in high quantities.  Each will be perfect with consistent colour and sharp lines.

We give you the option of black and white or colour.  This is not just about saving you money.

Colour printing gives you unlimited design options, but colours and transparencies may not translate well onto the fluorescent sticker sheets.  Because the fluorescent colour is itself much of the message you want to communicate – notice me!, caution! attention! – black text or graphics are likely a better choice than colour.

One final note on black and white print:  There is a noticeable difference between black and white black, which uses only black toner, and colour black, which uses all of the colour toners to create a rich black.  If you want deep, rich black (C60/M40/Y40/K100), ironically, you need to set up your file correctly and  select colour print.  Here is a brief explanation of the difference and how to achieve rich black.

sticker sheets

Kiss Cut Paper or Weather Resistant Film

These pressure sensitive sticker sheets are kiss cut at the North Vancouver factory to a variety of shapes and sizes.

Kiss cutting is a process of slicing through only the sticker layer to make the desired shape and size, leaving the backing paper uncut.  The number of cuts per sheet depends on the shape and size of each sticker, ranging from 2 to over 100.

Our printing process starts with precision layout to match the artwork with the pre-cut sheets, and fine tuning the way the pages feed into the printer to result in exceptional alignment and print quality.  This kind of precision and quality cannot be achieved on a home or office printer.

The easiest way for us to print and sell sticker sheets is to produce single sheets of stickers that are all the same.  If you want more than one sticker design printed, you would just create multiple orders, each with a different design.  That would keep you from getting volume discounts and would be a wonderful way for us to make money.  But that’s not how we roll here.

All Stickers the Same
Each Page Different
Different Stickers, Same Page
Each Sticker Different

You choose the options that work for you

Not only do you choose your size, sticker sheet type, and print colour, but you also tell us how you want your sticker sheets to look.

All the stickers the same

If you have only one design to print, you can print as many pages of that one sticker as you want.  This is ideal for thank you stickers or QR codes that point customers to a website or electronic coupon.

Each page has a different sticker

Now we are about saving you money.  If you have ten designs and want one sheet of each, you can do that in one order to get the 10 page discount (or more if you want 2 or more sheets of each), saving you a lot!  Page 1 will be sticker design 1, page 2 design 2, and so on.  This is great for discount stickers.

Note, though, that your artwork will be evenly distributed across your sheet quantity.  If you order 10 sheets with 2 designs, you will get 5 sheets of each design.  If you order 11 sheets, you will get 6 of page 1 and 5 of page 2.  To order varying quantities of each, use the same sticker option, above.

Each sticker on the page is different, but each page is the same

We will layout your stickers into sets on a page.  Each sticker on the page can be different, and you order multiple sheet “sets”.  All of the stickers must be the same shape and size to fit on your sheet.

Each sticker is different

Finally, you can order sticker sheets where every sticker is different.  This is ideal for unique bar code stickers.  In fact, we can even generate the unique bar codes for you from the data you provide in a spreadsheet, and merge them into the sticker layout to give you the highest quality result.  Contact us to discuss this service.  We can generate bar codes in any of the most common barcode formats.

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