Wire H-Stand


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Thick wire H-stand named for its shape.  This is a yard sign stand that is suitable for 4 mil corrugated plastic signs.  The wire prongs on one end of the wire H stand slide into the flutes of the corrugated plastic.  The other end pushes into a lawn or soft ground.  Consequently, ihese stands are not intended for larger signs, maximum about 18″ x 24″.  If the sign is large the wires will likely bend in a breeze.


The wire H-stand is the least pricey of the options. There are other, more sturdy stands available.  Contact us if you would like us to access them from our we don’t keep them in stock.  Many times, too, the stands only fit particular sizes. Further, another inexpensive choice is to add grommets to hang the sign.from a fence or something..