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Business cards are a staple in the industry that will probably never go out of style. Pocket-sized yet powerful, your business card lets people know who you are and why you’re important. That’s why the design of it is so significant; it’s a visual extension of your company and yourself. The way your card looks can be the deciding factor on whether a customer stuffs it away in their pocket or places it in their wallet.

To design an effective business card that grabs the attention of customers, follow our ultimate guide below:

Brand Colour Scheme & Logo

Whether you’re in an established business firm, a freelancer or founder of a startup, the logo and brand colour scheme are two crucial components. Choose a colour you feel represents your brand appropriately and a logo to match. Choosing these two elements can also influence how the layout and shape should look. 

The Shape

The most common and traditional business card shape is rectangular. But those who want to try something new and unique also have many options to choose from. Digital printing services are more affordable and more advanced than ever, and companies such as Laser Sharp accommodate to this. 

Rounding the corners on a business card is a minimalistic and simple alteration, yet adds a stylish touch. Folded business cards are another simple and stylish change to the traditional business card. This type of card not only allows for twice the space for more design and allows you to be more creative with it. 

The Size

The size of a business card is often based on the standard of the country and the North American Standard is 3.5” × 2”. Printed designs will often include the “bleed area” which is the outermost part of the business card with extra design that will likely be removed. The trim line is the target line for where the cards are cut and safety line keeps essential elements from being cut. 

The Text

The text should follow visual elements of your card including the logo and graphics you choose. The text is important because it is highlighting exactly who you are, the brand and where you’re located. You can decide what components you want on the card, but below is a list of common text choices:

  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website URL
  • Social Media
  • Address: only applies to office or store locations, often not for freelancers
  • Slogan: adds personality to the brand identity

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