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Businesses have been using flyers as a marketing tool for decades because it’s a reliable way to promote products, services and special offers. While online marketing has risen in popularity over the years, hand-printed flyers are still capable of increasing sales. By handing someone a flyer on the street, especially if you’re standing in the vicinity of the business, they’re more likely to check it out rather than going out of their way to from seeing an online ad. Here are five reasons why you should use flyers to promote your business.

Easy to Read

Flyers were made to pass information around, to persuade potential customers into buying a product or service. If done properly, they can be a hit in attracting the attention you want. The best way to do this is through simple layouts that aren’t overly packed with information. A flyer that’s easy to read and straight to the point is what will attract the largest number of customers to your door.

Easier to Produce

Using a professional designer and printing company can make the process of producing flyers a piece of cake. Print shops like Laser Sharp Printing were created to do just that. Whether you use one of their on-hand designers or produce the design yourself, all you need to do is select what size and quantity best works for your business needs. Upload your design, choose a specific paper type and you’re all set. Remember to allow for plenty of time if your flyers are date specific.


Depending on which route you take, printing flyers is a non-expensive process compared to other marketing tools. If you’re designing the flyers yourself, you just have to pay for the production services. Remember to take into account any other expenses you might find necessary. Overall, producing flyers is one of the cheapest marketing tools a company can utilize.

Added Incentives

You’re able to offer codes and vouchers through your flyers as an easy way to entice potential customers into visiting your store or online business. It’s the perfect way to draw interest to your business or upcoming event, encouraging people to give your service a try.

Reach More People

Sure you could hand out business cards or make large poster advertisements, but flyers are a small form factor information hub that’s easily accessible to interested customers. Basically, you can give them all the information they could need without bombarding them with huge marketing campaigns that can overwhelm them. Or they can take a flyer with them to read later on, rather than passing a stationary poster they’ll forget about in a few minutes.

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