Custom Sticker Printing

We print stickers from large rolls of vinyl, paper, and static cling. The machine prints the image on the media. Then it goes back and cuts the vinyl around the artwork along a pre-set cut line. This is called kiss cutting. The large sheets are removed from the machine and the excess vinyl removed from around the cut stickers. Finally, we cut the large sheet of finished items into easier to handle, smaller sheets. Each sheet of backing paper has a group of smaller stickers on. The giant stickers each have their own backing paper. You can also request individual backing paper for smaller ones. Many of the giant ones are not kiss cut, but are trimmed to size on their backing paper.

Instant Quote Ordering

With our sticker printing order system, you are not confined to fixed sizes. We do have minimum sizes, but set only because anything smaller would be too costly to order this way. We can print smaller, just request a quote and tell us about your project. Your tiny stickers will be grouped in sets to make them easier to handle and more affordable. For standard stickers, labels, and giant stickers, on the other hand, you can enter any size. That includes fractions of an inch and any quantity. We have very few restrictions on size or quantity. For example, you can enter the numbers for 103 pieces, 3.5″ x 4.125″. Then, when you select your media and finishing options, you get pricing instantly.

Image Files

Please submit high resolution images for best sticker printing results. If we identify an issue with your file quality, we will let you know and work with you to get the best result. Once we have your file, we will add any cut line, if cuts are requested, and send you a proof. That way, you can see the placement of your artwork within the cut line and know how your finished stickers will look.

Stickers printed
High Tack Vinyl Stickers Being Printed