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Use our form to upload and send your artwork or image files.

File Upload Warning:
Is it a problem?

For your convenience, this file transfer page allows you to upload large image files for your printing, banner, sticker or sign project for transfer to us. The tool accepts 12 different file types. Simply click the “upload file” button and select the file from your computer. Once your file is uploaded, the artwork will appear in the preview window so you can see that you have selected the correct file.

Print ready files should be saved in the CMYK color mode, rather than RGB. CMYK is the color system used by our printers, and is different from the RGB system used by your computer monitor or phone display. Because of that, your artwork will be converted to CMYK by computer softwar prior to printing. This may change the appearance of some of the colors. By saving your file as CMYK prior to sending it to us, you will see how that conversion affects your artwork, and you can make whatever corrections are required.

Print ready files should have a minimum 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution and be of an appropriate size to get a quality print. If you are sending a .pdf file that contains images, the images must also be at 300 dpi.

If your color or resolution are not as expected, you will get a warning message. This message is for your information. It does not (necessarily) mean that your file cannot be printed. It does, however, mean that there may be a risk that the color or print quality may not be ideal for some or all of your project.


when you click “Confirm”, you are acknowledging and taking responsibility for having seen and accepted the warning, knowing that it may affect your print job. We do our best to give you a quality result, so if you have concerns, please add them to the “Additional notes” box.