Sell Sheets

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Bi-fold sell sheet or newsletter finishes to 8.5″ x 11″ after folding.  Promote your product, service, event, or organization with 4 pages of content in vivid colour..  Several paper choices.


Minimum charge.

Sell Sheets

Tabloid size paper is 11″ x 17″ and folds to a nice large brochure or 4 page mini-booklet. This product is double sided and folded in half to an 8.5″ x 11″ finished size.  Pages are creased and folded for a clean, professional look.

With 4 full, letter sized, pages to work with, you can present a lot of information about your products and services on a tabloid bi-fold brochure. Consequently, this format is popular for sell sheets and newsletters.

What is a Sell Sheet?

A Sell Sheet is designed to be used at the outset of the sales process to raise awareness of the product, service or concept. They are usually produced in 11″ x 17″ with printing on both sides for significant exposure.

The function of a sell sheet is to stimulate a consumer’s interest while communicating a quick-shot of the product or service offered. They often include “beauty snapshots”, a collection of colour photographs that display products or ideas in an appealing way.

It’s common for companies to create a separate Sell Sheet for each selling. Typically a salesperson would provide a much more focused presentation to the client. The sell sheet is a take-away to help build customer interest.

Call to Action

Like any marketing tool, an effective sell sheet should have a clear call to action. Remind your customers to contact you, act fast, or make an offer before they miss out. Create a sense of urgency. Let them know that there are limited quantities or that other customers have their eye on the same product or service.

Here’s some tips about creating an effective sell sheet, to get you started.

Full Colour Visuals

A sell sheet may be less technical and informative than a flyer or brochure, but the design needs more care. In a properly done design it can become a virtual tour of your product/service.

Take full advantage of the huge surface space on the full inside panel to add colourful panoramic pictures or large infographics.

Our Xerox digital press provides exceptional resolution and colour representation. Image gradients will be smooth and beautiful, as they should be, without the banding you can sometimes see on larger images. Your sell sheet design will pop!

Sell Sheet Printing

At Laser Sharp you are guaranteed high quality print results. Our digital press provides the latest printing technology and capability to give you sharp, clean text and images.

Paper Choices

Because the uses for sell sheets varies, we provide several options for paper.  That is to say, we have a paper selection that will suit most purposes extremely well.

20lb Lightweight Office Paper

For customers wanting lightweight pages like those found in an office printer. High quality lightweight paper creates a sense of delicacy. It is an inexpensive option.

28lb Text Matte

Our standard paper.  Heavier than the printer paper used in most offices, it is a great choice for double sided printing on a budget. Coated with toner through the printing process, creased and folded, this paper creates an elegant product.

100lb Gloss Text

Our most popular brochure and flyer paper.  Perfect for sell sheets. This paper has a nice weight and gloss coating.  It adds a sense of class to your design.

100lb Matte, Canadian Made Recycled Text

Promote your environmental values as well as great content to win over your customer. This paper has a high quality feel and results in an extremely beautiful print. Make sure to add “printed on 100% recycled Canadian made paper” to your design.

80lb Gloss Cover

This is a cover stock.  Cover paper is thicker than text, so this is the thickest of the choices.  It has a similar finish to 100# gloss text, but is just a little heavier for the customer who wants to take things up a notch with their sell sheet. Heavier stock has an immediate tactile impact for the customer.

All of our sales sheet papers are high quality.  The difference is in the finish and weight.  That translates to some difference in price, not quality.

How long does printing take?

In a spirit of service, we see ourselves as part of your team. Consequently, the use and purpose of your project are a key consideration for processing print jobs as they come in. With sell sheets, most often time is of the essence. A realtor may need some printed in time for an upcoming open house, for instance.

Given that, we try to fit the job into the print queue for fast processing. Still, for guaranteed fast service – to jump the queue and get priority print service – we offer several levels of rush service. The estimated pick up date will show when you make your choice.

How can I help you?

For priority rush service, in particular, it is very helpful for the print shop to know when you need the product.  With print-ready artwork, this product can be printed and finished in hours if necessary; however, it is frustrating to get them ready immediately for a customer who does not pick them up until the next day. Be sure to tell us how much of a priority you need us to make your job.

Want a smaller version?

We also print a half sized version, an 8.5″ x 11″ page bi-folded to 8.5″ x 5.5″.

Get print-ready artwork without the headaches

Every print job must start with a useable digital, print ready file.  Here is a list of the most common issues with artwork that is not print-ready:
  • It has no bleed – your background image/colour should extend beyond the size of the finished product by 1/8″ all the way around
  • Document is sized improperly – an 8.5″ x 11″ file cannot be easily used for a half letter or 4″ x 6″ postcard, or for a 12″ x 18″ poster
  • Images used in the artwork are pixelated – all images should be 300 dpi
  • Entire file is low resolution – your file should be saved at 300 dpi.  Many free online programs do not export appropriate resolution.
  • Colours are set to RGB instead of CMYK – in this case, the colours that are printed may not be what you are expecting
  • Contrast between background and fonts is inadequate – dark fonts do not show up against a dark background.  What works on a backlit monitor will not work in print
  • Fonts are too small – it is wise to print a version of your artwork on a home printer to see the actual size of the fonts before ordering.  Again, it may look great on your monitor at 500 times magnification, but not work when printed.
  • Fonts are not embedded or converted to outlines – this can cause fonts to change in the processing of the file, changing your entire layout and design
  • Content has errors
  • Content is too close to the edge of the design – allow a “safe zone” to accommodate small variations in the printing, cutting, and finishing
  • Crop marks are improperly placed – this is the same of not having bleeds
  • You submit multiple files – a double sided flyer file should be in one .pdf file, 2 pages, not 2 files
  • File is in the wrong format – pdf files should be submitted.  While we allow other formats, they have to be converted before they can be processed.   In many cases, that is quite difficult as the file can be changed by the process.  In other cases, the file is not compatible with our software or hardware (for example, none of our printers can print .png files!  They all have to be converted to a printable format first).
  • The artwork is an idea, something you had printed somewhere else, written on a piece of paper, or a bunch of image and text files that need to be assembled – there is lots of work to do to get the file you need.

Experience has taught us that most customers, and sadly, many professional graphic designers, do not understand how to create print ready files. In addition, many of the free products available for you to design for yourself, do not output print ready files.  In some cases, your file can be easily corrected, using the wide variety of (expensive and sometimes difficult to use) software that we keep on hand at the Laser Sharp shop.  If you are stuck, we can help.  Use Service Tiers table to select the support level suitable for your project.

Service Tier

Just do it








Delivery Time


1 day

2 days

3 days

Edits or Revisions





Maximum Pages/Sides





Resize artwork

Check Resolution

Combine Pages

Convert to CMYK

Fix Bleed/Layout

Impose Files for Print

Add or Edt Text

Add Pictures 

Edit Pictures

Edit Form or Calendar 

Match Fonts

Add Effects

Match Colours 

Vectorize Image

Replicate Artwork

Create Custom Form

Create/Edit Pricelist

Layouts (finished = fold, crease, perforate, etc)





Some Fine Print

  • The prices shown are charge PER PRODUCT ORDER.  In some cases, design elements created for one print job may be used in others; if so, you may be able to select Advanced artwork for the first product and Standard for another if elements created for the Advanced project are reused in the Standard one.
  • The price for the tier includes any or all of the checked elements.  In other words, if you only want to get files prepared to be sent to you in different formats, you need to select the Advanced option.
  • You need to use the the red “upload your print files” button to upload your pictures and support documents.  There is a text box for you to provide details.  The more detail you give, the more likely you are to get a fast turn around on your support.
  • You are responsible for securing the legal rights to use any images, texts, or logos.
  • You are also responsible for planning the marketing strategy and goal behind your artwork.  We provide services to create digital print files, we do not develop your marketing program or create content.
  • The pricing for Advanced has a “+”.  If you expect more of the designer, like for us to find pictures for your project or to write content, you will be asked to pay more.
  • An electronic proof is included with most options.  It is CRUCIAL that you review the proof carefully with the following in mind:
    • Each support tier comes with a limited number of revisions.  Given that, when you receive your proof, take time to consider EVERY change you will want before you ask for revisions.  Any revisions requested over the limit will result in a request for further payment before they are made.
    • The colours you see on your screen and phone will not (necessarily) be an exact match to the final print.  If you are concerned about colour, it is your responsibility to request a printed (hard proof) before approving the job.
    • Any error in the content or colour mismatch is your responsibility once you give the go ahead to print.  If the designer has made an error, he/she may never know (for example, if a price or phone number is incorrect), so it is up to you to catch that before it goes to print.  There is no refund or credit given for reprints – the designer’s mistake is yours now.
    • Production WILL NOT START until your approval is received IN WRITING and in the requested manner and wording.  Don’t phone and tell us to go ahead.  Email and tell us to print the proof version sent to you (by file name) or that proof X is not approved because this specific change needs to be made (please don’t just tell us you don’t like the colour!!).