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33.5″ X 78″ full colour PET banner

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Super Convenient Roll up Banner

Retractable banner stands are flexible and affordable freestanding displays that are simple to integrate into any tradeshow exhibit and break down in seconds.

Stand out trade shows, employment fairs, home shows, flea markets, venues, or at your next Zoom meeting.

Retractable banners could easily function as a projection screen with a video projector. The banner gets set up and retracted within seconds, ready for us.

The light weight and compact shape allows for easy transport and shipping. One creative customer found he could take 4 of them on the plane in a golf bag!

Each of the retractable banner stands comes in its own carry case. Diverse sizes, shapes, and styles are available.

These banners represent the ideal display solution for trade-shows and conferences in Vancouver and across Canada.

Roll up Banner Substrate

A retractable banner is meant to grab attention from a distance, but be seen up close.

To do its job effectively, it needs vibrant artwork printed on a smooth surface, to stand up straight and tall, not be affected by lights shining behind it, and have edges that don’t curl.

PET banner

Our premium no curl, grey back retractable banner substrate does all of that. It is made from PET, a banner material that is high quality without being costly.

We don’t give you a choice. Embarrassment for your company in your most important event is not an option.

Durable Quality

The banner is durable. It is stiff enough to roll cleanly into the banner stand. It is water resistant and does not crease easily. Your banner will look great for years.

Exceptional Colour Print

The bright white surface is ideal for high resolution printing. The grey back-side prevents light transparency and shadowing.

In other words, your custom retractable banners will look great and the pole will not create a shadow if there is a strong light behind it.


The quality PET banner has a matte finish. This makes it ideal for trade shows and venues with lots of bright lights.

The printed banner does not affected by glare or reflection.

Banner Size

Pop-up banners have a viewable area of 33.5″ x 78″.

Retracted and packed in the bag, the value banner measures approximately 35″ x 4″ x 4″ and weighs about 5 lbs.

The Premium and Adjustable stands are closer to 10 lbs and the bag is wider.

Banner Stand Options

We carry 3 banner stand models, to fit any budget and need.

As with other products in our online store, there is a price break on each retractable banner you buy, so you will pay less for each as you add to your order.

The discount will show in your shopping cart.

Value retractable banner stand

Sells with full colour printed PET banner for $168.28 plus tax and shipping.

Our base, and most popular retractable banner stand is the value model. The banner stand has 2 feet that turn out and give stability to the standing banner.

The banner rolls out and back in smoothly, with little effort, and is held open by a foldable pole.

Carry bag for value retractable banners

For storage, the value banner stands fit into their own padded canvas bag.

Each banner stand bag closes with a zipper and has a see-through pouch for an identification tag. It also has a shoulder strap.

Value retractable banner stands are lightweight and easy to transport.

Premium retractable banner stands

Sells with full colour printed PET banner for $272.92 plus tax and shipping.

Premium banner stands are a bit heavier than the value banner stands, but the extra weight allows them to stand without protruding feet.

Like the value stand, the premium stand comes with a segmented pole. The pole supports the banner when open for display.

Carry bag for the premium roll up banner stand

The carry bag for the premium stand opens lengthwise. Inside the padded bag, the retractable banner is well protected and easily carried.

Adjustable banner stands

Sells with full colour printed PET banner for $317.20 plus tax and shipping.

Adjustable banner stands come with a telescopic pole that allows you to change the height of your banner from 54″ to 78.75″.

With a premium base and this special pole, the adjustable stand is top of the line.

The adjustable pole allows you to have incremental reveals of your banner artwork, to add interest to your trade show presentation.

Carrying bag for adjustable stand

The adjustable banner stand comes with a quality padded canvas bag, like the premium stand.

Replacement Retractable Banner

Customize your banner for the trade show booth or event, and change it to a new promotional display for the next trade show.

You can reuse your banner stands by swapping the banner inside the banner stand. The price of the replacement roll up banners includes installation in your old stand.

What is included in the bag?

Each roll up banner padded canvas bag includes the high quality printed no curl grey back PET banner installed in the banner stand of your choice.

The pole that supports the banner is stored in the base of the stand.

In addition, each banner stand has a small wire key that is used if you want to change the banner inside the stand.

How to order more than one retractable banner

There is two ways to order more than one custom roll up banner from our web store.

Order more than one banner with the same artwork and banner stand

Multiple banners with the same artwork and stand model can be ordered in the shopping cart.

Add the first product to the cart, then after you have added all of your other trade show requirements, like brochures and business cards.

Then, go to the cart and change the quantity for your retractable banners.

Order more than one banner with different artwork or with a different stand

To add another order with different artwork or stand, simply complete the order process and file upload a second time.

Will my price be discounted?

Yes, for each retractable banner you add to your order, an automatic discount will be applied to your cart total.

Preparing for a Trade Show?

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