Yard Signs & Mounted Prints

Signs for yard sales, construction sites, sandwich board inserts, as well as mounted foam boards for presentations.  Flexible sizes and lamination available.

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Yard Signs, Construction Site Signs, and Presentations

Yard signs are any sign or print on self-adhesive vinyl or paper and mounted on a hard material (substrate).  The print media is gloss or matte vinyl.  In addition, a gloss or matte laminate applied to the print protects the inks and adds to the lifespan and durability of your sign.  Moreover, grommets, metal rings that make a hole, are optional.  They are added to the corners or edge of your sign.  With grommets, you can easily hang the sign or attach it to a fence with zap straps.

  • Corrugated Plastic: This is basically cardboard, but made of plastic instead of paper and called “coroplast” for short. This material is relatively inexpensive. It is 4 mil in thickness. Moreover, hollow “flutes” extend the length of coroplast sheets.  The flutes are visible as little bumps on the surface of the sign.  This does not affect the print quality or sign quality.  For plastic yard signs, a wire H-stand fits in the flutes so the sign can be set on a lawn.
  • PVC (Sintra):   a lightweight yet rigid board made of a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and commonly called by the brand name, Sintra.  It is 3 mil in thickness and has a smooth surface.
  • Styrene:  we use a .020 styrene plastic for those who want a bit more rigid sign, but don’t want the thickness of PVC.  It also has a smooth surface for mounted prints and able to be loosely rolled up.
  • Foam Board: foam board or foam core is a styrofoam sheet sandwiched between card stock.  Consequently, it is smooth and very light weight.  Unfortunately, it creases easily if it is bent, and corners get damaged if they are bumped against a hard surface.  Still, foam board is popular for mounted presentation poster or seating chart prints that are displayed on an easel.

Coroplast is the best for outdoor use and is commonly used for yard signs.


Our ordering system allows for flexible sizes. You are not restricted to set sizes, as is often the case.  However, that said, we do encourage you to keep in mind that substrates come in 4′ x 8′ sheets and ask that you help reduce waste by avoiding odd sizes, unless necessary.

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