Vehicle Magnets

.030 magnetic sheet with rounded corners to add to the aesthetic and help keep the magnet from falling off on the road.

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Vehicle magnets are vinyl prints mounted on a .030 magnetic sheet.  Rounded corners help to keep a strong bond to the metal so the magnet doesn’t fall off on the road.  Since many vehicles today have a lot of plastic in the body, we recommend testing the surface with a magnet before ordering.  It is important that you check your vehicle and apply clean magnets to a clean surface to keep them from falling off.  We cannot guarantee that the magnet will stay on the vehicle – you need to ensure that it is securely applied.

Versatile Signage

A major benefit of vehicle magnets is the ability to move them on and off your vehicle as the situation warrants.  This is not the case with cut vinyl lettering, which sticks to the vehicle permanently and can be used on glass.  When not in use, these magnets store conveniently under your seat or in the trunk.  With these signs, your vehicle quickly transforms from a personal vehicle to a work vehicle and back in seconds.

Care and Handling

Vehicle magnets are fairly tough, but they do need some special handling.  When not on the vehicle, they should lay flat.  In addition, before applying them to the car or truck, carefully clean the back of the magnet AND the vehicle surface to remove any dust that may keep the magnet from bonding effectively.  Most importantly, while we offer it as an option, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND laminating your magnets.  They get handled a lot and are exposed to road dirt.  The lamination will protect the surface and keep them looking good.

Custom Sizes

The most common sizes for vehicle magnets is 12″ x 24″ or 18″ x 24″.  However, with our online ordering system, you can order any size and number you need.  A discount will be applied to the cumulative area for each size you order.  To order more than one size, add each size to the cart separately.