Tent Cards

Table Talkers

Table talkers, or tent cards, stand on a flat surface and show your message on both sides.  Big message in a small space.  Stands approximately 5.5″ tall by 4″ wide, by 3″ across the base.


Table talkers are tent cards, 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall (viewable area) with content on both sides.   These card stock prints are creased to fold into a triangular “tent” and connect at the bottom with interlocking slits on each end of the card. Creasing prevents the inks or coating on the tent card from cracking at the fold.  As a result, the folds are clean and professional in appearance.  When assembled, table talkers stand approximately 5.5″ tall, 4″ wide, and 3″ deep across the base.


One of the greatest weaknesses of many tent cards is the light card stock used by the printer.  They look great at first, but soon start to sag and lean over.  The card is not strong enough to keep the tent shape.  In contrast, we use a relatively heavy card stock. Our table talkers keep their shape and stand proud.  In addition, you have the choice of gloss or matte cover for your tents.  Perforations on the bottom help to hold the base in place. Optionally, you can use tape.


Because your table talkers can be seen from both sides, you have the option of using the same artwork on both sides.  Create one 4 x 6 card advertisement.  Your artwork can be copied and flipped vertically so that the two images are top to top.  That done, your artwork is ready to go.  Even though the tent is viewed from both sides, the print is actually single sided.


Aptly named, these tent cards get the talk going around the table, talk about your content!  Plan your table talker campaign well, and you will see the benefits as your brand builds.  Encourage the conversation with enticing content.  Use text and images that will help them remember your product after they have left the table. Most importantly, get them on as many tables as you can!