Digital Printing

Saddle Stitch Booklets – Half Letter Size

Finished booklets, 8.5″ x 5.5″ (half letter).  Staple bound booklets up to 40 pages, including the cover.   Choice of papers for pages and cover to fit your budget and style.  Fast turn around.


Saddle stitch booklets – half letter size – are made from 8.5″ x 11″ pages folded in half and bound with 2 staples along the spine.  The layout of saddle stitch booklets requires that the pages come in sets of 4.  Blank pages can be included if necessary to make the layout work.  If adding pages is a problem, you may consider coil binding as an alternative.  The cover of saddle stitch booklets is creased before folding and stapling, and finished booklets are trimmed to give them a clean professional look.

Paper Choice and Colour

After you select the number of booklets, size, and number of pages, we give you some choices to make.  You can adjust the various drop-downs to create saddle stitch booklets that suit your style. With each change, the price will change, so you can fit your budget too.

Firstly, choose the paper you want for the pages.  We offer a matte or gloss.  Both are good quality and thick enough that the print doesn’t show through the back side of the page. In addition, you can select whether you want the pages to be in black and white or in colour.

Secondly, choose the colour print for your cover. The cover can be in black and white on one side or both, or printed only on the front side.

Finally, select your cover paper.  The default option is “Same as pages”, in case you want an inexpensive booklet that does not require a fancy cover.  This might be the case for an 8 or 12 page brochure, for instance.  Otherwise, you have the option of a gloss cover, which is a good match to the gloss text pages, or a 12 point cover that is coated on one side.  This 12 point cover has a smooth coating on the outside and the same look and feel as the 28lb matte text pages on the inside.

Submitting a file:

Please submit your half letter booklet file as a document (pdf preferred), with the pages in order.  The page size should be set to the finished size, letter or half letter, with a bleed added if applicable.  Pages are ordered from front cover to back.  Our software will arrange them in order so the booklet layout is correct.  The total pages must be divisible by four.  In other words, if your document is only 32 pages long, you should add a blank page as page 2 (inside of front cover) and as page 35 (inside of back cover) to get 36 pages (9 x 4).