Rack Cards

Rack Cards

4″ x 9″ full colour card stock promotional card, printed single or double sided.  Printed on 14 or 16 point cover.  This product has dynamic pricing, so you can order the quantity that best suits your purpose.



Rack card printing, for 4″ x 9″ prints, single or double sided with a full bleed. Each card is printed in full colour on our high resolution press to give exceptional quality, particularly with gradient artwork. Unlike standard flyers, rack cards are stiff and stand on a display rack without flopping over. They are an alternative to tri-fold brochures when you only need 2 panels to convey your message.  Available stocks are white 14 or 16 pt gloss or matte cover.


Rack cards are commonly found at tourist locations, hotels, restaurants, ferries, trade shows, and as point of sale advertising.  You will also commonly see them in restaurants as drink menus.  Typically, they are intended for foot traffic, and use colour, eye-catching images, and appealing text to grab the attention of passers-by.  Conveniently, these cards will fit easily into a standard #10 business envelope.


If you are feeling creative and/or need to add functionality to your rack card printing project, click here to order a request a card with an added perforation, creating a tear away coupon or business card at the bottom of your advertisement.