Hanging Banners

Full colour print on quality vinyl banner for indoor or outdoor use.  Excellent quality and fast turnaround.

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Ideal for special events, hanging banners are easy to set up and get attention.  When the event is over, take your hanging vinyl banner down, roll it up, and store it for the next use.  The hanging banners are custom sized and printed on a white vinyl banner material.  Furthermore, a string grid, called scrim, is added to some of the banner material, making it much stronger for use outdoors.  Another material is smooth and “scrimless”.  This is a no curl banner that hangs flat against the wall without curling up at the edges.  In addition, it is a blockout banner, so light does not shine through it in the case that it is hanging in an open space.

We use eco-solvent inks on the banners.  They should last for 3 to 5 years of continuous outdoor exposure.


Our online ordering gives you an instant quote on a banner of any size and material, with finishing options.  You can enter any size, in inches, to a maximum width of 50″ and length of 10 feet or more.  The size can include fractions of inches.  For instance, you can enter 41.75″ x 72″ and the price will appear.

Finishing Options

Customize your banner to make it easy to hang.  Firstly, and most commonly, insert grommets in the corners and along the edges. You can connect rope or bungee cords to the banner through the grommets.  If you are selecting grommets, please let us know how you would like the grommets spaced on the banner. In addition to grommets, add a hem made with double sided tape to reinforce the edge.  Secondly, instead of grommets, create a pocket across the top edge of the banner to run a pole or wire through to support the banner for hanging.  Contact us if you require a pocket on the top of your hanging banner.