DIY Sandwich Board Sign


Create artwork yourself for FREE with our easy to use designer!  Choose from 4 frame/sign size options, and the choice to laminate your artwork for long life!

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Do It Yourself, Design It Yourself, for Free!

Our DIY sandwich board sign product provides you with a perfectly sized canvas and the tools you need to create your own sandwich board artwork, ready to print.  Select the size of your frame, and the designer will create the correct size for you, including bleeds and safe zones identified by the dotted lines.

Important Factors for Designing Sandwich Board Signs:
  1. You need to allow for the frame.  In other words, because the sign inserts slide into grooves in the frame, approximately .5 inch of the sign on the bottom and sides will be covered by the frame.  Allow extra distance between your content and those edges.
  2. Choose large pictures.   Any picture that you add and enlarge may lose quality and become pixelated.  Start with pics that are already large and/or high resolution (300 dpi).
  3. Fonts need to be large to be seen.  For viewing from 50 feet, your fonts need to be a minimum of 125pt, for 10 feet, 25 pt.   Think about the likely distance between your sign and the people passing by and design accordingly.
  4. 2 sides.  Our DIY sandwich board design tool gives you two pages to work with.  If you want the same sign on each side of your sandwich board, you only need to design the front page.  On the other hand, if you want to add an arrow to your sign, you will need to duplicate the artwork on the second page (Copy and Paste), and change the direction of the arrow on the second page, so that each arrow is pointing the opposite direction of the other.


Our sturdy, double-sided metal outdoor A-frame holds a 4 mil corrugated plastic sign on each side. The frame is constructed with rust proof powder coated 2cm steel tube. In addition, solid hinged braces and rubber feet keep the frame from collapsing.  A rubber coated handle makes moving the frame easy. In a nutshell, these sandwich boards are stable and weather resistant, but not too heavy to move around.


The size you select when ordering is the overall sign size.  The legs of frame add 4″  to the height of the sandwich board.  To illustrate, the 24″ x 32″ sandwich board, when it is open and set up on the sidewalk, measures 36.25″ tall, 24.25″ wide, and the feet are 22.5″ apart at the base.  In addition, that stand weighs 14 lbs.  Because the sign slides into the frame, .25″ along the both side and bottom edges is not viewable.


We use only high quality, Roland Eco Solvent inks that are scratch resistant and look great for years outdoors.  Still, it can be beneficial to cover them with a clear vinyl lamination.  Think of it as insurance.  Laminated signs withstand the weather and vandals better.


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