Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Create sleek, beautiful greeting cards with your own artwork, photograph, logo, and personal message.


Custom printed greeting cards are an exceptional value.  We offer greeting cards in two sizes, folded to 4.25″ x 5.5″ and 5″ x 7″.  The card stocks are gloss or matte, and every card is creased along the fold.  They are delivered flat (creased but not folded) to make writing your personal message easier.  Envelopes are available as well. Finally, custom greeting cards can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation and single or double sided.

Custom Greeting Card Printing

This is an exceptional opportunity.  When you select a greeting card from the large display at your neighbourhood drug store, there is always the risk that the person you send it to will get the same card from someone else.  You will have paid $5 for that embarrassment, too.  Instead, you can create your own card and send a unique, personalized greeting  Wake up your creative side!  Personalize your custom printed greeting card with your own artwork or photograph.  Think of your own clever message for inside the card, or write a poem.

Custom Cards for Business

Christmas is the standard time of year to send out cards.  But for a business, there are many more opportunities.  Thanksgiving, for obvious reasons.  National and internationally recognized days, National Secretary Day, for instance.  Labour day is another example.  Certainly, all are opportunities for a company to recognize the efforts of their employees and to show gratitude to customers.  Brand cards with your logo.  Create custom printed greeting cards to celebrate a job well done, to say thank you, or to give an employee on his or her birthday.  Most importantly, this kind of recognition is not expensive, and it will go a long way in building employee and customer satisfaction with your company.

Variable Data

This is our tool for making the real magic of custom printed greeting cards happen. Variable data is the fancy name for fitting custom text into a document, in this case a greeting card. For instance, one beautifully designed card can go out to all of your customers with their name printed on the card.  The only way to get greeting cards with your company logo on them is through custom printing.  The only way to put a personal message in each one, besides writing it out by hand, is by a variable data merge.  You make a spreadsheet with the messages you want (we can help you with that!) and we make each card into a personalized gift.  All for a fraction of what you would spend buying greeting cards in the drug store.