Post Cards

Custom Postcards

Advertise with class! Single or double sided cards. Three standard sizes.and choices of gloss or matte card stock in two levels of thickness.


Custom postcards are excellent for promoting your product or service.  First, we offer 3 sizes.  The standard postcard size is 4″ x 6″.  This is the size most people think of for postcards, but we offer two larger ones as well, 5″ x 7″ and 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half letter).

Second, you have the choice of 14 point and 16 point card stock, in gloss or matte.  All are high quality cover stocks.  The 14 point is selected by most people, and is our flagship card stock.  However, some people like the feel of a thicker card and choose to go with the 16 point.  In addition, we are happy to introduce a 14 pt matte card that is made in Canada from 100% recycled paper.  The print quality on every one of these stocks is stunning, so the difference comes down to your preference for thickness, finish, budget, and your values around recycled content.  In short, whichever card stock you select, you can’t go wrong.

The Power of Postcards

Custom postcards have a couple of secret powers.  Firstly, is the card itself.  The thickness and stiff quality of cover stock add a very subtle element of strength to the message on your postcard.  In other words, just holding a card print makes you feel something about it.  So card stock choice may be important in communicating your message.  Secondly, and the more important postcard power, is its size.  The  size forces us to focus the message.  Use short, powerful statements, strong images, and a compelling call to action to create an effective postcard ad.  Write content that makes people want to pick it up.  To summarize, because the size is small, custom postcard content is powerful and the message easy to understand.  The size and properties of the card stock become part of that message.


Check out postcards’ cousin, the 4″ x 9″ rack card, or for lighter papers, our selection of flyers.  These sizes and card stocks are also very popular for invitations.