Coil Bound Booklets – Half Letter

Digitally printed booklet with plastic coil with plastic back cover and option for clear plastic or card stock cover.  Three paper choices for pages.  Simply drag your file(s) into the uploader for an automatic count of pages.


Coil bound booklets can be almost any thickness.  They are a good alternative to saddle stitched booklets, which require that pages be in sets of 4 to make the page layout work.  Any number of pages can be coil bound.  As the booklet gets thicker, larger coils are used to accommodate the pages.  Moreover, the pages can be single or double sided.  We offer 3 paper choices:

  • 20lb matte:  This is like the paper you might have in your home printer.  This paper is fairly thin.  If you choose a double sided print, the back side will show through, though only faintly.  Also, no bleed is available for this paper.   In other words, every page will need to have a white border around the edge.  The colour cannot go to the edge.
  • 28lb matte:  Heavier than the 20lb, you cannot see through this paper.  In addition, a bleed is possible.
  • 100lb gloss:  If you want to dress your booklet up, this is a heavier, gloss coated paper typically used for brochures and flyers.

Finally, plastic covers can be added to protect the booklet.  The back is typically a black plastic.  The front cover is typically transparent, though we give the option of replacing that with a card stock.

Coil Binding

The booklet is bound with a plastic coil.  A small crimp at each end of the coil keeps it from unwinding.  Coil bound booklets are very nice to read, and ideal as workbooks, because they lay flat on the table when opened.  You do not have to hold it to keep it open.  In addition, if your booklets will be used in workshops, the reader is able to turn the pages a full 360 degrees around the coil so that the opened booklet is letter sized and manageable.