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Saddle Stitched Printed Wall Calendars

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Saddle Stitched Calendars, Staple Bound

Printed Wall Calendars with Saddle Stitching

Printing Lingo: What does saddle stitch mean?

Saddle Stitch refers to the most popular book binding technique in which two separate folded sheets are gathered together one in the other then stapled with wire staples throughout the fold line. The pages by nature are in multiples of 4.

Saddle Stitch Calendar Layout

Wall calendars with saddle stitching are made up of 28 page prints:

  • 12 months date grids
  • 12 month pictures
  • 4 pages for cover and year display

Of the 24 pages, 15 of them are images.

Calendar Finishing

In production, we crease the cover to prevent cracking. The papers are bound with staples (saddle stitching), and a small hole is drilled on the bottom centre for hanging.

Quality Paper Options

Our wall calendar printing is full colour on both sides of the paper.

Inside Pages Paper Choices

We use relatively heavy text stock sheets for calendars to give a feeling of quality. The 28 lb matte text provides a lower cost option.

In addition we have two 100lb options. One is a standard gloss text and the other is an environmentally friendly 100% recycled stock..

Cover Paper Stock

The cover papers pair well with the inside text stocks. While any type combination will work, the 12 pt prints go well with the 28lb matte with its uncoated back side. This is also the lowest cost option.

The 100lb gloss cover matches the gloss text, and the 100lb recycled cover with its text equivalent.

Content Arrangement to Print a Saddle Stitch Calendar

  • Front cover image with custom calendar name and year text
  • Pages 2 to 25 alternate between photos and date grids
  • Pages 26 and 27 are option pages to fill out the calendar structure
  • Back Cover.  This can be blank if you like.  It is also a nice place to include a logo if you are branding your calendar, a gallery of all of the pics inside the calendar, or a “About us” piece.

Optional Content Pages for your Design

Pages 26 and 27 are optional only in the sense that you can customize what to put there. They are absolutely required to complete the saddle stitch without blank pages.

Full year calendar and picture

This gives you the opportunity to be creative with your designs.  A full year calendar of the next year is a good idea.

Other ideas for your design
  • You can put photographs and bios of your executive or sales team
  • a family or business history article
  • a mission statement for your organization
  • a collage of favorite photos
  • any other useful information, like a conversion chart.

Calendar Photo Printing

  • Wall calendar photos should be letter size (8.5″ x 11″) with a .25″ bleed.
  • Your pictures should be 8.75″ x 11.25″ with the understanding that the outside edges of the pages will be trimmed off.
  • Photo orientation is landscape.
  • If you want to use portrait images, it can look nice to add some decorative text beside the photo.
  • To avoid pixilation and get perfect print results, your wall calendar pictures should be high resolution, at least 300 dpi.

Printing Classic Photo Calendars

Finding high quality photos is easier than you think. High resolution, professional images are available online. The photos are royalty free, too.

Online resources
  • Unsplash is an excellent resource for high quality, professional photographs that are free to use.  Add an acknowledgment of the artist and feel good about the amazing photos you use.
Your personal resources
  • Use your own photos.  Most cell phone cameras take exceptionally high quality photographs.  Scroll through your gallery and see what you have. Personalized wall calendars created with your own photos, or those shared with you by family and friends, are the best.

Personalized Photo Calendars are a Great Gift

A personalized wall calendar, with important dates and special events, like a birthday or anniversary, and great photographs makes a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Fundraising Potential for your Project

Order wall calendars at our low prices and you have plenty of room to raise money. Shop around and you will find photo calendars going for $8 to $20 each or more. By printing your own products, you have good potential to make money.

Select photos and layouts that appeal to a large audience. Order large enough quantities to meet your sales demand and maximize your potential income.

Marketing Tips: Custom Calendars for Year Long Advertising

A QR code added to the design can link to your website landing page and can give you more details about the items than can be seen on your photo calendar. Because the information is online it can be changed easily and quickly without going back to the original source.

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