Laser Sharp Postcard Printing

Custom postcard printing is a powerful tool for marketing. The short, focused message on postcards, gets attention and motivates people to act. A strong postcard has powerful graphics and a clear call to action.

Coincidentally, postcard printing sizes and card stocks are also popular for simple, flat card style invitations. They fit conveniently into envelopes for mailing.

In addition, they are a great way for artists to provide samples of their work to build their reputation. A print of the artwork can go on one side and details about the piece and artist on the back, A set of cards could be padded, too, if you wanted to give them away as a set.

Advantages of Postcard Marketing

Postcards have a unique advantage over other forms of mailing, especially. You can put a one in the mail without any envelope or mailing label. Firstly, you don’t have to spend money on envelopes and labels, making them cost effective. Secondly, you know that the recipient will see your message. Your mail is not tossed in the garbage unopened.

Postcard printing gives you the opportunity to target your advertising. Unlike a sign or banner. a postcard is only seen by the people you send it to or give it to. Because you have some control over who sees your message, they give you an opportunity to strengthen you brand, get your company name and logo out to people you know will be interested.

Check the Effectiveness of Your Campaign

Any marketing campaign is an investment. If you have a website that allows for the use of coupon codes, create a code just for your postcard printing campaign then track the number of times the code is used. If you don’t have a website like that, an easy solution is to create a special free email that you use only for the campaign and track your response by the number of emails that come in. A tracked campaign will give you priceless information about how people are responding to your brand and promotions.