Half Letter Coil Bound Booklets

How to count booklet pages

Double sided pages count as individual pages, so 1 page with 2 sides = 2 pages

Half Letter Coil Bound Booklets

Half letter coil bound booklets can be almost any thickness, depending on the quantity of inside pages.  They are a good alternative to saddle stitched booklets, which require that pages be in multiples of 4 to make the page layout work.

Coil bound booklets are very nice to read, and ideal to print as workbooks or logs, because they lay flat on the table when opened.  You do not have to hold it to keep it open.

In addition, if you print  5.5 x 8.5 coil bound booklets for use in workshops, the reader is able to turn the pages a full 360 degrees around the coil. This makes it easy to write on the page.

This size is perfect for printing full colour family recipe books, particularly with the flexible page quantity supported by spiral binding.

Half letter Spiral Coil Binding

The 5.5 x 8.5 booklet is bound with a black plastic spiral coil after printing.

The printed paper sheets and the covers are punched with a series of small holes along the left side. The spiral coil is spun through the holes to hold the pages firmly together.

A small crimp at each end of the coil keeps it from unwinding.  Spiral coil bound books are very durable, and the pages do not come loose or tear away accidently.

The 8.5″ x 5.5″ spiral bound booklet artwork can be in portrait or landscape for printing and coil binding.

Find out more about coil binding.

Flexible number of pages, single or double sided

Any number of inside pages can be coil or spiral bound. As the booklet gets thicker, larger coils are used to accommodate the quantity of pages.  Moreover, the inside pages can be single or double sided.

The price of your order is calculated by the overall quantity of inside pages, as well as your choice of colour or black and white, and cover option.

Paper Options for Inside your Printed Spiral Bound Books

20lb matte text inside sheets

With this option the paper sheets are like the ones you might have in your home printer.  This paper is fairly thin.  Choose this lighter weight paper to allow for more pages in the bound books without adding it becoming thick or bulky.

The price is also lower. If you choose a double sided print option for your order, the back side may show through, though only faintly.

28lb matte text inside sheets

Heavier than the 20lb, you cannot see through this paper when printed on both sides. This paper has a quality feel.

100lb gloss text inside sheets

If you want to dress your coil bound booklet up, choose this option. this is a heavier, gloss coated paper typically used for brochures and flyers.

Cover Materials for the Half Letter Spiral Bound Books

Water resistant plastic cover options for the front and back

Plastic covers can be added to protect the half letter coil bound booklet.   The front cover is typically transparent and the back black plastic. Our optically clear plastic front cover is glossy.

Card Stock Front Cover

Printing colour artwork on a card stock front cover page, together with the black plastic back, can give the overall spiral book a quality look.

Custom Spiral Coil Bound Booklet Printing Price

The price to print 8.5″ x 5.5″ spiral booklets for your family or business depends on a few key factors:

  • quantity of books ordered
  • type of paper for print as inside pages
  • quantity of pages for each book product
  • the full colour used for your inside pages and covers

Use our order page to calculate the various options and select the best total for your order.

Critical information about artwork size

Of course every customer wants to pay the lowest price for an item. But trying to change size is not a good way to reduce price. Artwork that is created in letter size is not appropriate for a half letter size booklet. There are two key reasons:

The page proportions are not the same.

When a letter size document is shrunk down to half letter, the finished product will need to be trimmed significantly at the top and bottom to remove excess white space. The shrunk pages will be about 7″ tall.

Text for the inside pages of your booklet product would be quite small as it would shrink with the pages.

The total quantity of inside pages may not work out correctly

Even if your document could be resized appropriately, the number of double sided inside pages would increase as the size of the pages decreased.

Design to Size or Size to Design!

Please select the products that match the size of your product design or document file. Our “Just Do It” file resizing does not cover multiple page documents.