General printing is a catch-all for custom projects that are quite easily produced and can be completed quickly.

Large Digital Prints

This is a unique product with so many options that it is truly difficult to name. These are quck prints letter size or larger, up to 12″ x 18″. In addition, we offer 9 paper options, from 28lb paper to 16 point cover. Unlike posters, large digital prints can be double sided. In addition, we offer pouch lamination in letter size or 12″ x 18″. The lamination adds stiffness, water resistance, and a high gloss finish to the print. Consequently, laminated prints are often used as restaurant menus.

This product is also provided for customers who want a letter sized print on card stock. This option is not found among our other shop products, only in general printing. Likewise, it give an option for large, double sided pages. Card stock prints can also be done quickly.

Quick Prints

As a commercial print shop, our focus is on large jobs that take time to produce. We pride ourselves on super fast service for our customers. But that is only possible with the freedom to maximize our production workload. In other words, if we are regularly interrupted for on-demand general printing, the bigger jobs get delayed. In some cases, the interruption causes a job to get damaged. That isn’t fair. To address this, we offer quick prints. They are for local customers who what simple general printing done quickly and are willing to fit in the queue.

Just tell us how many prints you want, upload your pdf file,and wait to be notified that your prints are ready to pick up. It is that simple. A minimum charge applies to quick prints. You can order 7 colour or 13 black and white prints before your price starts to go up.

PLEASE NOTE: Only quick prints submitted online are accepted for general printing. We do not provide walk in service for files on USB or provide an email log on to retrieve a print file. We also do not access web accounts to print your online documents.