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Your Choice for Flyers in Vancouver

Flyers are meant to be distributed in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and beyond to spread the word about your product, service, event or promotion. Unlike a brochure, they should have simple content, presented on one or two sides of the paper. We do our part to ensure your flyer campaign is a success. Specifically, we use high quality paper and print in high definition. We get the job done quickly. Above all, we support you to make sure your print quality is the best it can be with the artwork you submit. And we offer an online design tool to help you get it right every time.

Content Matters

Here’s how you can make your flyers successful. Firstly, answer the questions the person who gets your flyer is bound to have:

Who are you?

Make sure you clearly identify yourself with a company logo and name on your flyers, to start. But give other details too. For instance, if you are the leader in your industry, the sole distributor, or even just the closest provider.

What do you offer?

This should be prevalent on your flyers. it is the reason for the flyer, after all. Pictures will have a strong impact. For example, consider before and after content to illustrate the benefit of your offering.

When is the deal available?

Is the deal valid now? When does the flyer promotion expire? Is it only for residents of Vancouver? You can motivate people to act by creating a sense of urgency – they don’t want to miss out.

Where can they get your product or find out more?

Give your contact information. A map of your area in Vancouver or New Westminster on your flyer can give them confidence of being able to find you, for example. Make contacting you easy.

Why should they care?

Most importantly, this is the deal. For example, can they can get a percentage off the regular price, get a product before it is all gone, stop more damage from happening in the future, etc? The reason needs to be significant enough to motivate the reader and clearly visible on your flyers.

How should they respond?

This is the call to action. For instance, tell the reader what you want them to do: order now, call for a free estimate, make an appointment….order your flyers!

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