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High definition, consistent colour, quality throughout.  Three sizes to choose from, and sturdy paper.

Flyer Printing

Custom flyer printing services with prices that are a perfect fit for any budget. Our digital printing offers consistent exceptionally beautiful printed flyers, from the first copy to the last.

Laser Sharp offers custom printing services with prices that are a perfect fit for any marketing budget. Our digital printing offers consistent exceptionally beautiful printed flyers, from the first copy to the last.

We specialize in printing high-quality flyers on quality paper stocks with best prices in Vancouver. Flyers can be used for promotion of a limited offer, to launch a new product, or for weekly specials.

Marketing that Works, Even in the Time of Social Media

An Associate Professor of Marketing from Ryerson University in Toronto wrote an article called “Paper Flyers in the Age of Social Media“. In it, she observes that the paper flyer has a way of making people feel good, and safe.

Convey your message effectively

Unlike social media, the holder of a paper flyer does not have to give up an email address or log in, or give up any personal information. Custom flyers give and ask nothing in return. People remember the written message better, and trust what they see. Paper flyers, it seems, convey a message extremely effectively.

Because of that, flyers make terrific handouts for trade shows and events. You can use them to reach foot traffic outside your business, and help people remember you.

They may be printed single or double sided in full color and always with complete bleed. They are printed with a 100% recyclable material which contains post consumer waste and are available in different sizes and finishes.

Environmentally Friendly Printing Services

The toner on the printed flyers is non-t0xic and environmentally friendly. With 100% recycled paper options, you can feel good about your marketing efforts.

How much does it cost to print 500 flyers?

For full 8.5 x 11 letter, the cost to print 500 flyers at Laser Sharp Printing ranges from $99.84 + tax for budget single sided black and white print on 28lb text to $195.75+tax for color prints on both sides of heavier paper.

Laser Sharp’s Flyer Printing Price Model Saves You Money

Buy more and save

Bulk printing saves you money, too. If you scale up your order for the single sided black and white print on 28lb, printing 1000 flyers is just $164.41 + tax. You save three and a half cents per flyer by printing more.

Buy only as many as you need and save more!

Our print pricing is dynamic. Maybe you don’t really need 500 flyers printed. The cost of printing 462 then, for example, would be $94.12 + tax for the 28 lb single sided black and white flyer print. You print just the quantities of marketing flyers you need and keep more than $5 in your pocket.

What paper stock is a custom flyer printed on?

We print on a variety of premium, quality stocks.

  • Firstly, our standard 28lb uncoated stock is heavier weight than your home printer paper (typically 20lb) and gives an immediate impression of quality for printed flyers. 28lb is thick enough that you cannot see through it when you print flyers on both sides. It is also a good weight for mailing inserts.
  • Secondly, our 100lb gloss coated text is the preferred choice for printed flyers. It is a bit heavier and thicker than the 28lb, and the gloss is a popular weight for flyers.
  • Finally, our 100% recycled, Canadian made, 100lb uncoated is great for customers who want prints on a heavier stock and appreciate the environmental friendliness of this one. These business flyers have just the right look.
Flyer Sizes

Sizes For Flyers

We offer 3 standard sizes for flyers: letter (8.5 x 11 inches), half page (5.5 x 8.5 inches), and 1/3 letter (3.5 x 8.5 inches) sizes.

We also print rack cards in 1/3 letter size with tear away business cards on the bottom if you want cardstock.

To get the best result, create your marketing artwork scaled to the custom flyer size you choose. Make sure to include most of the information on your business cards to help customers find you.

Can I get my printing on heavier paper or other sizes?

The short answer is yes. We use only text paper weight stocks for custom flyer prints, generally. If you are looking to select heavier cardstock, or a slightly different size though, all are available in our online print shop.

We offer a variety of sizes and plenty of more options in the form of business cards, postcards, rack cards, or card stock print products in the. Please have a look for more information.


Artwork Files for Printing

Your quality flyers can be printed on one or both sides. We offer quality printing in full color or in greyscale to suit your budget and style.  Whatever you choose, all are high quality flyers.

File Type, Bleed, and Resolution

Create your own design for printing and save it as a pdf with the fonts embedded, or as a high resolution .jpg file. In other words, the flyers file should be 300 dpi and have a .25″ bleed.

File Color

Full color business flyer artwork files are best when converted to CMYK color. If that confuses you, we can help you sort it out. Select our “Just do it” artwork support to get help and improve the turnaround time.

Turnaround: When will your flyers order be ready?

At Laser Sharp, we process printing orders as quickly as possible. In addition, we offer productivity options for you to set the turnaround time once you have your design ready.

Your order will be ready as quickly as possible after you submit it. With priority rush service, you reserve priority machine time and move your job to the front of the queue. No matter now busy we are, we will make sure your job is done super fast. Your premium printed flyers will be ready within hours.