Floor Stickers

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Because we all have phones.  Nobody looks up anymore.

Premium no skid laminated floor stickers. Full colour print and cut to any shape.

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Floor Stickers with No Slip Laminate

People are constantly looking down at their phone.  Take advantage and grow your revenue!

Floor decals are attractive and create high visibility for your products and services.  They are waterproof and resilient, perfect for advertising in busy space.

  • Use them for fun with 3D artwork
  • print a logo to build team spirit
  • help people navigate your shop
  • draw attention to a sale or promotion
  • personalize event or tradeshow space with temporary messaging
  • highlight your organization’s values
  • thank customers for their support
  • take care of your customers by reminding them to pay for parking
  • advertise specific products or related products
  • show the way around your shop
  • build your brand by placing your logo throughout

What Materials are Vinyl Floor Graphics Made From?

Each custom vinyl decal has 3 layers to it:

  1. Adhesive that sticks to the floor
  2. Vinyl that the custom art or photos are printed on
  3. No skid textured laminate coating that protects the surface of the graphic and your customers

Safety First – No Skid Anti-slip Laminate

Floor Stickers no skid surface
Close up of the no skid laminate texture

We apply a premium, anti-slip laminate to custom floor decals.  Unprotected floor decals would soon become scratched. When you wash the floor, soap and chemical will quickly fade the inks or ruin the decals.

Scratch Resistant

Our floor decal laminate has a textured surface that is highly scratch resistant. This is ideal for decals on high traffic shop floors. The investment made in printed decals is well protected by this material.

No Skid Surface to Keep Customers Safe

Even when wet, the sticker surface provides traction.  Smooth floor decals do not provide that security. Anti-slip lamination costs more than standard lamination, but it is an easy way to protect the customers in your shop.  The surface can be cleaned without ruining the inks.


Floor Sticker Print and Size

We print custom floor decals in full colour. The product size is also custom. Floor decals can be printed as large as 50″ in width, just over 4 feet, and any length up to 96″ or more. Pricing is based on square footage, so sticker size and quantity are factors.

Custom Sticker Shapes

Custom floor decals can be cut into any shape. The stickers are printed, laminated, then custom cut to shape. If your design includes inside cuts, the finished decals can have the extra material “weeded out” to suit your art and the shape.

Adhesive Strength

Low tack products are easy to remove and come off without leaving residue. They are best use for short term campaigns, though, as they will more easily be disturbed or lift than the stronger adhesives.

Permanent adhesives can be removed, but not with more effort.

Premium high tack vinyl has a very strong adhesive for longer term applications. This vinyl, with a laminate layer, will look exceptionally good and stay in place longer, even outdoors an on rougher surfaces.

Easy Decal Installation

Installing any stickers is not difficult. It just takes time, planning, and patience.

Tools You will Need

A squeegee is an essential tool for applying custom floor graphics in your shop, especially large ones. Without the squeegee to smooth out the material as it goes down, air bubbles will be trapped underneath.

Go slowly and use even pressure to push the air out with your squeegee. Then rub the entire surface of the graphic and give it time to set, at least overnight, before subjecting it to lots of shop traffic.

If an air bubble does form, use a pin to puncture the surface to release the air as much as possible.

Placement and Preparation of Surfaces Before Installation

Because your art is protected by quality laminate, the product is relatively stiff and the shape is more manageable.

You will want to avoid placing your graphics over grout lines or cracks that will allow air to get trapped and cause peeling or cracks to form in the vinyl.

Before you can apply a vinyl floor decal, you have to make sure the surface is prepared properly. The area needs to be clean, dry and free from any recent chemical treatments. If you polish or wax your floors before applying the decal, it may not stick correctly.

While you should clean the surface, refrain from applying any treatments for at least 24 to 48 hours before affixing the graphic.

Try to place them where heavy objects will not need to be dragged over them.

Best Floor Surfaces for Stickers

Vinyl floor stickers stick best to clean, smooth, hard surfaces, like the floor of a store or shop. These include wood, tile, vinyl, sealed concrete, or asphalt. Carpet, soft rubber mats, and marble surfaces are not recommended.

How long do floor stickers last?

At Laser Sharp we print stickers that are meant to stay on the floor and look good for as long as possible. The type of decal you order and the type of floor are important factors.

High foot traffic going over the sticker will cause wear, as will sand and salt that get tracked in during our Canadian winters.

Your floor decals can easily stay in place for 6 months or more. With our pricing, you can benefit from changing them up from time to time to keep the interest fresh, as you would with other promotional signs.

Get Inspired and Creative

Custom floor decals can add colour to your floor. A design created with photos or clever text draws attention. A colour sign on your floor can promote business and lead to spontaneous purchases. Make your floor decals design fun. People will be drawn to the decal on the floor.

Have a look at this great design collection of cool custom floor stickers on Pinterest: Floor Graphics Advertising Ideas

Want a decal or stickers for walls, windows, or anywhere else?  Shop for vinyl stickers and labels to expand your brand.