Easy Sign – 24″ x 32″

Printing even easier!

You have an idea for a print job, but you’re not sure what options are available  Here you have it all in one place.  To make it easy, there is one standard size.  You have 4 choices for finishing:

poster paper – ideal for short term use, like a special event, and/or for indoors.  Easy to roll up and take with you.

banner – can be used indoors or outdoors.  It will not tear and can be rolled.  Grommets in the corners making hanging it up easy.

corrugated plastic – a rigid sign that can be used inside or outside.  Corrugated plastic has “flutes” running through it, like cardboard, that make the surface bumpy.  4mm thick.

smooth PVC – a rigid sign (ok, a bit bendy) for indoor or outdoor use.  PVC has a smooth surface and signs mounted on it look great.

Our print file artwork support service is also available for this product if you do not have a computer file suitable for printing or need help with the artwork.

Thank you for your interest in such a large order. Please contact us directly for pricing on this product.

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Super Easy Sign for Any Occasion

We pulled 4 different products – a poster, a banner, a coroplast sign, and a PVC sign – all into one easy sign product.  In other words, you don’t have to search the site for different print or finishing options, or guess what size to use.

Popular, no waste, size for signage

We picked the most popular size and presentations for you.  This is as easy as it gets.  The sign size is 24″ x 32′ and available in 4 different formats.  Compare prices easily by changing the media option.

Since our rigid substrates come in 48″ x 96″ sheets, this size is both common and produces no waste.  One sheet makes 6 signs.

We put all the main choices in one place for you.

Your choice of easy sign media/substrate

Make your sign from one of 4 material choices, two soft and two rigid.  The softer materials happen to be thinner than the rigid ones.

Soft signs

Signs printed on poster paper and banner can easily be rolled up for storage. Poster paper is ideal for indoor and short term use for a one day event, or for a wall decoration.  It will not do well outdoors.  A printed banner is suitable for indoors or outdoors.

Rigid signs

Corrugated plastic (coroplast), and PVC signs do flex, but are hard signs that stay rigid.  They are lightweight and  water resistant.  The ridges, or flutes, that run through coroplast are visible on the sign surface, giving it slightly indented stripes across the sign. PVC is smooth.

Easy to compare, easy to order

Choose your style, upload your artwork (or pictures you want to use), tell us how we can help with the artwork, and that’s it.

Don’t forget to leave some comments when you check out to let us know how you want it to look, or send us an email with your idea.  It’s that easy.

Want more options?

Configure your own poster, banner, or sign with more options from our online shop:

Looking for pictures and help for your easy sign artwork?

Try Unsplash for exceptionally beautiful high resolution images that are free to use.  Any image you select from the site should work well on a sign this size.

If you are adding text, it is important to make the fonts large enough to be seen from a distance.  Use this font sizing guide to help you ensure that your sign will be seen.  Remember to also use high contrast between the text and background colour so your message stands out.

Additional information

Make my sign out of:

Paper, Corrugated plastic, Banner with corner grommets, Smooth PVC


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