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Custom Signs

Corrugated plastic (coroplast), PVC (Sintra), Aluminum blanks – choose the sign base that fits your need.

Corrugated plastic, also called “coroplast” is light weight and weather resistant. It is commonly used for outside signs: lawn signs, realtor signs, construction site signs, sandwich boards, safety signs, and car top tent signs held in place with magnets. Simple wire, “H-stands” (named for their shape) can be inserted into the little channels, called “flutes”, that make up corrugated plastic for an inexpensive lawn or yard sign. Alternatively, grommets can be added for hanging the sign on a fence.

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Corrugated plastic

PVC foam board, commonly called “sintra”, is also light weight, though a bit heavier than corrugated plastic. It has a smooth, matte appearance, and is also available in a variety of colours. While sometimes used in sandwich board signs, PVC signs are more often used indoors for in-store displays and signage, directional or warning signs in pool areas and washroom doors. Large sheets of PVC (4′ x 8′) make a great backing for a restaurant menu or mounted posters and artwork. Easily cut with a knife, PVC foam board can be cut to make interesting and creatively shaped signs. Grommets can be added to hang the sign.

Aluminum blanks

Aluminum blanks are custom cut sheets of aluminum with rounded corners, as in parking or directional traffic signs. Factory cut.

Tips on How to Create Effective Signage

PVC foam board