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Custom Printed Greeting Cards

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Custom Printed Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards from Laser Sharp Printing

We offer large and small greeting cards with a folded size of 4.25″ x 5.5″ or 5″ x 7″.  The greeting card stocks are gloss or matte, and every card is creased along the fold.

They are delivered flat (creased but not folded) to make writing your personal message easier.  Blank envelopes are included in the price.

Finally, we can print personalized greeting cards in portrait or landscape orientation and single or double sided. Each of the prints is ready for a personal note, then to be signed, folded, and sent.

Custom Full Colour Greeting Card Printing

When you select a greeting card from the large display at your neighbourhood drug store, there is always the risk that the person you send it to will get the same card from someone else.  You will have paid $5 for that embarrassment, too.

Instead, you can create your own card and send a unique, personalized greeting. Personalize your custom printed greeting card with your own artwork or photograph.  Think of your own clever message for the inside, or write a poem.

Create your own special occasion cards and impress your family and friends. Make them for any occasion, each with a different design.

  • wedding invitations
  • birthday party invitations
  • birthday cards
  • holiday cards
  • thank you cards
  • baby announcements
  • congratulations or celebrations of all of life’s momentous occasions.

Greeting cards are suitable for any occasion.

Card Stock for Folded Greeting Cards

We have four papers that we use for greeting cards. Each is relatively heavy and also used for business cards. They are thick and stiff enough to stand on a desk without curling.

  • 12 point coated one side: Smooth, coated exterior. The inside has the feel of an uncoated office paper
  • 14 point gloss: Glossy on the outside and inside.
  • 14 point matte: Smooth matte bright white surface, used for many of our most popular products
  • 14 point matte 100% recycled: Canadian made from recycled content.

Each greeting card is creased so it can be easily folded without cracking. This process gives a quality finished look.

Customize Greeting Cards to Build Business Relationships

Christmas is the standard time of year to do something special.  But for a business, there are many more opportunities.

  • Thanksgiving
  • Internationally recognized days like National Secretary Day
  • Labour Day.

Certainly, all are opportunities for a company to send greeting cards to recognize the efforts of their employees and to show gratitude to clients and to highlight important aspects of their accomplishments.

Brand the greeting cards with your logo.  Create designs to celebrate a job well done, to say thank you, or to give an employee on his or her birthday.

Most importantly, this kind of recognition is not expensive, and it will go a long way in building employee and patron satisfaction with your company.

Use Variable Data Printing Services to Personalize Your Card Designs

Variable data is our tool for making the real magic of custom greeting cards happen. Variable data is the fancy name for fitting special text into a document, in this case a folded greeting card.

Personal Over Generic Cards

For instance, one beautifully designed card can go out to all of your clients, with their name printed on the card.  Personalized greeting cards have a lasting emotional impact.

The only way to get greeting cards with your company logo on them is to print it.  Likewise, the only way to put a personal message in each one and address the envelopes, besides writing it out by hand, is to use variable data merge services.

You only supply the spreadsheet.  We do the rest.

The process is simple. You make a spreadsheet with the messages you want and we make each card into a personalized gift.  All this for a fraction of what you would spend buying from the stationary section in the drug store! Envelopes too.

Save Time with Mass Mailings

If you want to send greeting cards to large groups of people, we can help to make that easy.

For example, both the card and the envelopes can be merged and printed. We only need your mailing list. This is also an easy way to send invitations.

In addition, if you provide an electronic version of your signature, or signatures and a note from everyone in the office, we can save you the time and pain of passing all the cards around the office.

Designing Simple, Beautiful Greeting Cards is Easy

You can easily design a card yourself in just a few minutes. Typically, you only need to choose a suitable picture and an appropriate font.

Identify the Occasion to Celebrate

There is a wide variety of opportunities to send a greeting. It can be a holiday or special event, like a wedding anniversary, or a promotion.

Find an Image to Fit Your Occasion

Greeting cards sample with bleeds
Greeting Card Layout Showing Fold and Bleeds

Use a photo that you took yourself or find a suitable one online. There are plenty of sites online that offer high resolution stock photos. Unsplash is one of the best.

Enter your theme into the search bar and see the amazing array of professional images, free to use. Place a credit to the photographer on the back of your greeting cards in recognition of their work.

Add the Picture to Your Card Layout

Think of your artboard as a folded paper. Paste the photo in place. One side of the card should be lined up with the centre of your layout, where the greeting cards get folded.

The other three sides should have a bleed area, extending beyond the trimmed edge.

The picture should be on the right or bottom of the folded centre, depending on the orientation you want.

Add a Text Message to the Front of the Card, and Inside If You Want

Customize your design with a holiday message or sentiment to complete your artwork. Again, remember where the paper will be folded. Create a personal note to print on the inside, if you like.

Fast Turnaround Time

With our advanced technology and ability, we are able to print and finish greeting cards as fast as you need them.