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Custom Calendars

8.5″ x 11″ – One Calendar Size, Two Binding Options

Beautifully printed, high resolution, full colour personalized wall calendars at Laser Sharp Printing.

Complimentary paper types complete the look of these custom printed calendars. Our exceptionally high resolution press prints photos with brilliant colour and detail.

We offer gloss, matte, and recycled papers for custom calendars.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitching is the result of binding cover and pages together with 2 staples on the fold. Creased covers give a polished, professional finish, for custom calendars you can proudly give to regular customers or sell for fundraising profits.

Saddle stitch calendars consist of 28 pages. You will need 15 photos.

Centre Coil Bound Calendars

Coil bound calendar pages are held together with a plastic spiral coil, replacing the fold of a standard saddle stitch calendar. Coil binding allows for some flexibility with the number of pages, so when ordering you can choose to add a page or two to include more photos or content to your design.

Coil bound calendars consist of 26 to 28 pages. You will need a minimum of 13 photos.

How much do custom calendars cost?

Much less than you would expect.

Let’s say you went to the mall and perused the pop-up calendar kiosk. Inspired by all the cool photo calendars, you decide to get one for each of the 5 people in your family. You spend the afternoon looking for just the right one to suit each personality. You hope they like the calendar you picked.

The store-bought, generic calendars are priced at $15 each. Your cost: $75 + tax.

Better for less

Alternatively, you decide to print your own personalized calendars. You gather family photos from your phone, and find pictures from memorable moments that you had with your family through the year.

You add the birthdays, anniversaries, and important events coming up for your family in the coming year. Artwork ready, you upload your file to our site. It was fun setting it up.

Your price for 5 personalized, custom calendars that are sure to be treasured: $55.15 + tax (coil bound) or $64.62 + tax (saddle stitch).

Buy more and save more

Buy calendars in bulk quantities to promote your business of fundraise for your not-for-profit organization and pay as little as $4.47 + tax each.

Fill your months with photo memories

Personalized your calendar with favorite photos of your favorite seasons that you’d love to recreate.

Personalized calendars for your family

No longer miss an occasion. Personalize each month by choosing important dates and photos.

Increase your revenue with year round advertising

Put your brand in plain view of your customers every day of the year.