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​1000 for $49

The wallet sized business card, or name card, has been used for hundreds of years to provide contact information to potential clients. At Laser Sharp, we believe that an effective business card does not have to be expensive or have a lot of enhancements to get attention. A clean, simple, custom business card design that is easy to read is all you really need.

Your Business Card Design

​What should you put on your custom business card?

  1. Contact information:  your company or organization name, your name, title or position within the organization, company address (optional), email (company and/or personal), phone and/or cell
  2. Website and/or social media site information
  3. Logo
  4. A branding statement or description of your product or service
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Business Card Design Tips:

  • Leave room on your business card for the recipient to write when and where they met you.  The back is ideal for this.
  • If you know that your information is going to change or is incomplete, order a smaller number of cards.  It is less expensive to print 100 and reorder when your address or other information changes, than to print 1000 and have to throw most of them out before reordering.
  • Carefully check the name card proof before printing to make sure all of the information is correct.  Ask friends to check your business card design too.
  • Use easy to read fonts for your name card that match the style and tone of your business.  When choosing fonts and images to brand your business, it is also wise to consider how else they will be used as your business or organization grows.
  • A custom business card design is the best business card design. Avoid using a template that will make your business card design look like someone else’s.  Online design tools look great and helpful, but if you want to use your business card design that you made online for the basis of a flyer or sign later, it may be difficult or costly to reproduce.  You have a custom business, so you should have a custom business card design.  There is one important exception: if you are a realtor, or similarly connected with a large, well-branded company, you should make your name card look like others within your organization – take advantage of the strength of your team membership and corporate branding!
  • Be aware that thicker card stocks take up more space in a wallet or business card holder than thinner ones.

Printing your business card with us

  • Standard finished size – 3.5″ x 2″
  • Print ready file size for bleeds – 3.625″ x 2.125″
  • Text safe zone – 3.375″ x 1.875″
  • Preferred file types: .pdf or .jpeg
  • Colour mode: CMYK
  • File Resolution – 300 dpi
  • 6 business card stocks to choose from, 12 pt to 16 pt thickness
  • Prices start at $49 for 1000
  • Discounts available for multiple employees within the organization
  • Print ready orders are usually ready the next business day with no rush charge

Learn more about our business card stock options here.

Looking for something unique?

  • Have the corners rounded to give your cards a different look.
  • Order tear cards, that combine a flyer with a business card
  • Ask us about folded business cards
  • Create a perforated business card with a removable coupon attached to promote a new product or service

Special pricing is available for organizations wishing to order business cards for 5 or more employees! Contact us with a quote request.

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